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Rivian Ramping Up Its R1T Pickup Truck Production Line

Rivian seems to be speeding up its production line of R1T pickup trucks to make its summer deliveries. CEO RJ Scaringe shared photos revealing R1T body panels.

2021 Rivian R1T: What You Need to Know

Image credits- Best Cars

Timely deliveries

Already the news of the Rivian expansion of the factory caught the attention of many buyers. Currently, the company is finishing employee training builds. Earlier the company stated that they are going to start deliveries this summer. Which now seems like it is not far away.

As stated in an email by Rivian, “The lines are in; we’re completing employee training builds. We begin customer deliveries this summer.” 

Furthermore, it is known that Rivian is hiring specialists so their customers receive touchline delivery of the pickup truck. Also, the customer service portal mentioned that the R1T will be delivered with an 80% to 90% charge. 

Smooth delivery process

As the company plans to deliver R1T pickup trucks, they are focusing on smooth deliveries. From the smallest of details are being worked on. As they recently applied for a charging canopy and two additional buildings. Their expansion is expected to increase their supply and improve customer service. 

Being a rival of Cybertruck and GMC Hummer, Rivian also received investments from Amazon and Ford. Both companies invested $700 million and $500 million respectively. 

Another alliance is, Cox Automotive which is also part of Rivian. Being part of Cox Automotive, Rivian was planning on customer services from 2019 itself. Also, Cox Automotive’s goals involve global footprint, service, and logistics,  which come as no advantage for the company. 

As said by Rivian recently this year, “Our focus is on providing a seamless ownership experience, from purchase to delivery and beyond.” 

Focused on off-road adventures and work

Last week, there was a discussion on what could be possible equipment for an R1T pickup truck. Accessories sold by Rivian are costly, as the truck itself is not on par with a regular buyer. A camping kitchen costs $5,000, but it is expected that they are going to sell in-built equipment.  

Rivian Configurator Shows Kitchen And Top Battery Pack

Image credits- InsideEVs

Additionally, the extra battery pack costs $10,000. All of these seem pricey, but these have comfort compared to the other equipment available in the market. As the kitchen has a cooktop,  a 4-gallon water tank & pump, and a built-in sink. These all are provided with a sliding solution.

It is possible that these solutions are not available with their summer deliveries. It is expected that by January 2022, further details will be revealed as they start the booking process. 



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