Roblox Is Now Worth More Than $45 Billion Following Its IPO

Roblox Is Now Worth More Than $45 Billion Following Its IPO

Roblox Is Now Worth More Than $45 Billion Following Its IPO

Roblox Is Now Worth More Than $45 Billion Following Its IPO
David Baszucki’s ( CEO ) stake in the company is valued at more than $4 billion. Roblox is free and can be downloaded on a phone, tablet, or console. The company generates its revenue from the sale of its Robux system, which is foreign money used to buy games and digital objects.

The New York Stock Exchange assigned Roblox a reference price of $45 per share on Tuesday. In order to determine the reference price required for a direct listing, the Company began trading shares that were not traded in its hands, based on the new reference price.

The vast majority of company gamers are children under 13. Baszucki said the group of 17 to 24-year-old users is on the rise and they are reaching a point where most of them will not be tweens.

Investors did not buy the trademark “Oof” Roblox on Wednesday. Shares in the popular video game platform debuted on Wall Street, soaring 55% to $69.50, valuing the company at more than $45 billion. His stake in the company is now valued at more than 4 billion USD.

The company has worked with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley. The bank did not subscribe to the shares, as is usually the case with an IPO, but it advised the company on its listing. The Company’s shares are traded on the NYSE under the symbol RBLX.

Roblox will list the shares on the New York Stock Exchange, as opposed to issuing new shares in an initial public offering. The exchange has set a reference price of $45 per share. Roblox lost more than $253 million in 2020, a loss of $71 million from the previous year.


Roblox has lost more than $253 million in 2020, down from a loss of $71 million the previous year. Roblox has an indexed inventory of New York inventories that alternates between issuing new inventories and making them available to the public. The NYSE set a reference value of 4.5% as a percentage of inventories.

Roblox’s IPO is the first direct IPO this year. Music streaming service Spotify Technologies (SPOT) went public in 2018 with a direct IPO, and Slack Technologies (SLACK) was working to follow in 2019. Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange, has also applied for a direct listing.

Roblox’s net loss widened from $252.3 million to $71 million in 2019, but the company tripled the amount it paid out to developers through its revenue sharing program. More than a thousand developers earned at least $10k + last year from sales of their Roblox games. Revenue rose 82% last year to $923.9 million.

Corporate said earlier this month that it expects gross revenue to rise from $1.44 billion to $2.52 billion within 12 months. By the end of 2020, the company will have 3.26 million customers per day, up from 3.46 million in 2021 and 3.664 million by 2022. Roblox players are mostly under 13 years of age.

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