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Rockstar Is Remaking The Soundtrack of Max Payne 3

Rockstar announced Max Payne 3 – The Official Soundtrack (Anniversary Edition) today in an article on Rockstar Wire, in advance of this weekend’s games anniversary. Rockstar Games’ official Max Payne 3 soundtrack is getting a special edition, featuring never-before-seen tracks. The anniversary edition marks the decade anniversary of the release of Max Payne 3 and will be available for listening via streaming platforms as well as a limited-edition vinyl later this year. The game’s anniversary soundtrack release will feature tracks never released before from the game, and it will be available on digital streaming platforms later this year, as well as in limited-edition vinyl.

Max Payne 3

Credit @ Rockstar

Max Payne 3 is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this week, and to celebrate the milestone, Rockstar Games is releasing a new edition of the game with a celebrated soundtrack by the band, Health. Coming in both digital and limited-edition vinyl, Max Payne 3s 10th Anniversary Soundtrack features the full spectrum of atmospheric music found throughout Max Payne 3, including Health’s signature track, TEARS. The sports soundtrack anniversary version will include previously unreleased tracks from the sport and is set to arrive on digital streaming platforms later this year. Fans should soon be able to discover the score for the game.

The update is actually really great, as the score of the game is an absolute banger, and the integration of it into gameplay is cinematic in a superb way. Max is a smash hit, even though it is the first and only entry in the series that was not developed by Remedy Entertainment. The band’s best-known song in the game, TEARS, plays during the last level and helps to connect many themes throughout the series.

The Max Payne trilogy is playable on the Xbox Series X/S thanks to Backwards Compatibility, and if you skip ahead to the third entry, you will be treated to the score composed by the renowned noise rock band, Health. Remedy, the studio behind Alan Wake and Control, has worked with Rockstar on remakes of the Max Payne trilogy and 2, but this leaves the third entry in the cold. Remedy Entertainment and Rockstars announced remakes of Max Payne 1 and 2 earlier this year, so fans can expect a few contemporized Max actions within the next couple of years. It is been about 10 years since Max Payne 3 brought us some of the best third-person shooter gameplay ever, as well as a shockingly tense conclusion to a pain pill-popping, hard-boiled crime tale.



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