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Roll up TV screens to be a reality soon


London, March 31 : In what could herald an era of bendable screens, researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed a novel structure that can be used to produce thin, transparent and flexible digital displays for TV sets, smartphones and tablets.

These can easily be rolled up and put away, rather than requiring a flat surface for storage and transportation.

The technology, detailed in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, harnesses bio-nanotechnology to emit a full range of colours in one pliable pixel layer – as opposed to the several rigid layers that constitute today’s screens.

โ€œOur material is light, organic and environmentally friendly. It is flexible and a single layer emits the same range of light that requires several layers today,โ€ said Ehud Gazit, a professor and Or Berger, doctoral student, of the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology at TAU’s Faculty of Life Sciences.

By using only one layer, one can minimise production costs dramatically which will lead to lower prices for consumers as well, he added.



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