Rolls-Royce Pays Tribute to Iconic Silver Ghost with a Special Edition

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost was called the ‘Best car in the world’ back in 1907. Paying tribute to the iconic model, the Goodwood based company has unveiled a limited version of the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Collection.

The Silver Ghost Collection has a number of visual additions to the standard Ghost model like the Cassiopeia Silver paint, black grille, polished wheel centers, engraved chrome wheel surrounds, and Hallmark of AX201, which was the registration plate of the original Silver Ghost. It also gets a hammered copper inserted in tribute to the copper that was used extensively in the engine bay of the classic car.

To make the Silver Ghost more precious, the iconic ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ is crafted from solid silver, and the famous coachline is created from pure silver particles.

As you’d expect, the Silver Ghost Collection would be a limited edition run to a 35 unit production only. There are no words on pricing yet but the people who can afford it hardly care about it!