Ross Ulbricht, founder of Silk Road, speaks publicly after 8 years

Ross Ulbricht, founder of Silk Road made his presence felt at Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami via a phone call. He is serving his two life imprisonment without parole with additional 40 years in a maximum-security federal penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona. Moreover, since 2013 this was the first time Ulbricht was talking in a phone interview. He says that bitcoin is completely changing the global economy.

Ross Ulbricht,Founder,Silk Road,speaks publicly after 8 years
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What did Ross Ulbricht have to say about Bitcoin?

The founder of Silk Road is a visionary but his impatience got him where he is now. Although, in the interview, Ulbricht says that Bitcoin made him feel like anything was possible in this world. The idea of, Bitcoin, blockchain, and everything was exciting for him. But, he says, his excitement also made him impatient. And as we all know because of his lack of concentration towards a bigger picture, he lost his freedom.

Furthermore, he continues by saying that he saw dreams about Bitcoin and its growth. And in the last eight years, he actually saw it. Ross says when he went to hell it was the beginning days for bitcoin. He also adds that there were not many altcoins or forks and saw the crypto ecosystem as his own big family.

One day, he got a letter from a guy who wrote that he was grateful to Ross for bringing Silk Road Online. The guy thinks that where bitcoin is today is because of Ross. And this made Ulbricht really emotional but he worries that Silk Road may have made everything harder for them.

Interview of Ross Ulbricht by Bitcoin Magazine

Ross Ulbright gets emotional sharing about his Life imprisonment

In his entire interview, it was visible that he was suffering from all the things he has done in life which brought him here. He also mentions that there is a hole, which is a prison in prison. Ross says these holes can either make a person or break a person. And, the hole broke him as he was there for several months.

During the interview, he also mentions and shows gratitude towards his mother. He says, that after two years of his imprisonment his mother got sick as her heart stopped working. He says and I quote, “I broke her heart.” Although, she is alright now. Ross also mentions how the media portrays him as a violent drug lord and it disheartens him how the world sees him.

Unfortunately, a tweet came up from the Free_Ross account, he has been put in the hole after the interview was online. It mentions keeping Ross in our thoughts and prayers.

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