SafeMoon CTO resigns: rumours of concerns within the company

The SafeMoon fork token received another blow after its CTO, Hank Wyatt, announced he was quitting the project.
In a tweet posted Thursday, Wyatt said it was a tough decision to make. But did not give details of the circumstances surrounding his departure. This has fueled speculation about the unrest within the company.


Leaving my position for Safemoon was definitely the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. Still, I’m excited about the future and can’t wait for the next chapter in my life to begin!
— Hank Wyatt (@Hankusun) September 9, 2021

Safemoon did not respond to the deadline of August 28 to publish his request for an indigenous portfolio, taking questions to wonder if Wyatt’s departure was in any way.
In any event, the two incidents gave the additional ammunition of pensioners to criticize the project. Is it the beginning of the end or can you recover with that?

Social media react from Wyatt

In response to Wyatt Tweet, announcing your departure, the most common problem is why? Wyatt did not respond, leading to a huge conjecture on possible reasons.
Some theoretically, as CTO, the delay of the portfolio falls directly on the shoulders. As such, he left Safeemoon was simply a case of jump before being pushed.
Other users indicate that most of the Safemoon team landed their roles due to nepotism instead of competence. This means that there is a huge deficit of the skills and experience of the project management forward. It follows that the pressure on the people who are in this position is too big.

“At least half of the original ‘group’ was made up of horribly inexperienced friends, family, influencers, friends/girlfriends, in full leadership positions, in mass positions or not qualified in software development. Some need to be replaced by 2, Thomas then leaves ”

The Wyatt Linkedin shows that it has a degree of computer software engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. After a step of four months in 2016, he set up his own video game entertainment company called HLWGroup.
He joined Saofemoon as CTO on its launch on 2021, while running the HLWGroup.

What is the latest SafeMoon wallet?

As mentioned, the original SafeMoon wallet will launch on August 28. The $SAFEMOON price is up 110% from the local low of August 18 in anticipation of the launch.

But on August 28, an official announcement on Twitter Safeemoon stated that “unforeseen technical difficulties” delayed the launch of the portfolio. The price of $ Safemoon has been at a disadvantage since then.

Two days later, an update reiterated problems with technical problems. But, as the initial message, it did not develop any more about problems. The staff signed to thank everyone for his support and patience, adding that it will be worth it.
The most recent answer, which has been published Tuesday this week, state tests are still in progress and discuss the launch.

We really came together as a community for the launch of # SAFEMOONWALLET… our beta testers are testing all night long while our Devs stay active! Launch event in the spotlight #SAFEMOON

— SafeMoon (@safemoon) September 7, 2021

However, the events of the past few weeks have only raised doubts about the team’s ability to deliver on what they claim.