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Saints Row Delayed Until August 2022

Saints Row will no longer be released on February 25, 2022, as originally announced, but will be released globally on August 23, 2022. Consistent with this new delay, Saints Row will land on PC through Epic Games Store, PS4., PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S on August 23. Volition and Deep Silver announced that “Saints Row” has been postponed to August 23, 2022, which is six months after the original release date on February 25. In an announcement on the official game website, Volitions creative director Jim Boone stated that the company’s top priority is to “create the best Saints Row game to date” and stated that their game will not live up to the high standards of the studio, If they release the game on February 25th release day.

Saints Row

Credit @ Deep Silver Volition

Deep Silver Volition CEO Jim Boone shared a brief letter stating that the new “Saints Row” reboot will no longer set the original release date of February 25, 2022, as they have decided to postpone the release until August 23, 2022. Boone noted that the delay will give the team “more time to do justice to their vision” and “there won’t be much change in the game other than overall quality and completion.”

The post goes on to add that we will not see any changes to the plot, characters “or anything that we have fondly imagined over the past few years and has already shared with you” – so good news for fans excited about what has been discovered so far. … According to the update to the official website, it looks like all of its features will remain the same, save for a few minor changes. Don’t worry if you like what you saw in the game; this is not the best overview. The team also states that they will spend this extra time refining the game.

The reason for the delay is that it takes the developer more time to put in the finishing touches and complete the overall quality. As gamers, we know what it feels like to have something expired that you’ve been looking forward to it is frustrating. Yes, Covid has a lot to answer for, including being the source of most of the lag in video games lately.

Saints Row

Credit @ Deep Silver Volition

Saints Row is the first victim of a very busy month of game release in February 2022, because the seemingly endless game is postponed from 2021 and postponed to this month. Deep Silver may have seen how crowded the game was released in February and decided that it would be better to give Saints Row some extra time to avoid competition. However, despite the delay, the developers seem to maintain their vision. In February, there are also “Dying Light 2”, “Horizon Forbidden West” and “Elden Ring”. In addition, in terms of the major game releases in February, some things had to be compromised.

Like many other game delays, COVID-19 is at the heart of this, and Boone said Volition had underestimated the impact of the pandemics on the project. This is almost certainly not even the last delay in COVID-related gaming we will see as the pandemic still exists in many parts of the world. Good luck to the Volition developer on this project and hopefully this significant delay turns out to be fruitful.

A new entry in the series will almost wipe out any game that came before. Saints Row takes us to the all-new fictional city of Santo Illeso, a diverse and varied metropolis in the American Southwest. Saints Row is an open-world crime game in which players follow a new group of young friends who decide to build their own crime empire in the fictional southwestern city of Santo Illes. Shown during the opening of Night Live at Gamescom 2021, this Saints Row is a soft reboot of the franchise designed to take players back to the deeper roots of smuggling, theft, and drug trafficking.

This recently rebooted and more subdued version of Saints Row was featured at Gamescom Opening Night Live and follows the exploits of a group of friends taking their own criminal actions in an attempt to become on their own. Players will continue to create, simulate, and manage their very own Boss of the 3rd Street Saints, but will receive new lieutenants whose backstory and features are much more relevant. Films such as Baby Driver, Hobbs and Shaw, and John Wick have been cited as influencing the tone and style of the game, with the developers trying not to turn the game into a slapstick comedy like Saints Row 4, but keeping the tone out of place. … the series is famous.

But judging from the post, Volition does not seem to take advantage of the delay to make any major changes. This also shows that the game is basically complete in terms of content. During these additional six months, Volition focused on “overall quality and completion.” Boone also added other factors that contributed to the delay, such as the ongoing pandemic.



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