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Salesforce to send in a plane full of medical supplies to help Indian Fight Corona Virus.

Benioff announcing to help India at CNBC’s talk show- Mad Money With Jim Cramer

Cloud Software Company Salesforce’s CEO and founder Marc Benioff announced that Salesforce is going to be sending a Boeing 787 plane full of medical supplies to India as help against Corona Virus. The 787 Dreamliner is Boeing’s most fuel-efficient airplane.

The announcement was made on April 29 on a US talk show on CNBC called Mad Money with Jim Cramer. Both the Host and Benioff discussed about the software giant’s efforts to help governments and enterprises respond to the ongoing global health crisis as part of the NBC News family’s “Inspiring America” event.

Marc Benioff made the Information public just after the telecast went live on Twitter saying- “Salesforce is loading a 787 with medical supplies and will land it in India next week. All of our hearts and prayers are with our brothers and sisters in India. May they all be protected, healed, & blessed.”

Benioff is known for a lot of philanthropy work in the US. He contributed his own hard earned fortune to schools, non-profits, NGOs and hospitals in Silicon Valley where he is located.

The company has already announced $1 million to India. The funds donated will be used by local partners focused on medical equipment sourcing, community isolation centers and creating vaccine awareness in the country.

The company has over 4,000 employees in India itself. Employees of the company in India are operating a 24/7 volunteer helpline which provides Salesforce employees and families Covid related information.

Firms from around the globe as well as India are raising funds to help the world’s second largest population fight against the coronavirus,

Amazon.com, Google and Intel as well as Indian firms like Tata Sons, Reliance Industries and JSW Steel have pitched in to help with everything they can including airlifts of medical equipment and funding pledges to making medical oxygen.



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