Salvage Car Vs. Rebuilt Car. What Is the Difference?

A car title shows whether a vehicle has sustained any damage in the past and its current operating condition. Online auction platforms are required to write the car title in the listing to ensure that they are not misleading their customers. Therefore, you will find that each vehicle has a different title, such as salvage cars and rebuilt cars, when shopping for your future automobile.

It is important to view the car title before purchasing because a salvage car is unsafe to drive on the road. Sometimes, sellers use false car titles or hide information to sell vehicles at a higher price. However, if you buy from a dependable platform, such as A Better Bid, you will not have to worry about being scammed.

If you don’t know the difference between a salvage car and rebuilt car, keep scrolling! You will also learn how to buy different title cars from Las Vegas auctions.

What Are Salvage Cars?

A salvage car title indicates that the respective vehicle has been damaged in an accident or has sustained damage through a natural calamity. As a result, the insurance company has paid the claim amount and declared the vehicle a total loss. Salvage cars are less expensive than other title cars, as they require more mechanical or body services and evaluations before they can be taken out on the road.

Even if a salvage car appears to be in pristine condition, it can have mechanical faults that make it dangerous to drive. A vehicle can acquire a salvage title after these incidents:

  • Collision accident
  • Fire damage
  • Flood or water damage
  • Stolen parts

The primary reason people invest in a salvage car is that it is available at affordable rates. If you enjoy fixing cars yourself, you can repair the salvage car for less than spending more on a brand-new car.

What Are Rebuilt Cars?

When a salvaged car is completely repaired, it is tested on multiple safety criteria to ensure it is safe to drive on roads. The DMV, then, changes the salvage car title with a rebuilt title if the vehicle passes all the tests.

A lot of people buy rebuilt cars because they are more economical than clean title cars (cars that haven’t been in a total loss accident). The difference between a clean title and rebuilt title car’s price can amount up to thousands of dollars. So, if you are looking to buy a reliable vehicle at affordable rates, do not hesitate to buy a rebuilt title automobile. But, make sure to check the history of the car to ensure you are getting a good deal.

Where to Buy Salvage Cars and Rebuilt Title Cars?

As some car dealers use title washing to illegally sell salvage cars at high prices, it is important to find a reliable automobile platform. Otherwise, you will end up paying for a damaged car and spend more money to turn it into a drivable condition.

One of the best platforms for buying salvaged and rebuilt title cars is online auto auction marketplaces. Some of these sites allow you to select, bid, and buy your dream car from the comfort of your home. 

A Better Bid

A Better Bid (ABB) is a 100% online car auction that is open to everyone. It organizes more than 150 live auctions per week with 300,000+ listings of repairable, salvaged, and rebuilt cars. You can choose from a vast inventory of SUVs, motorcycles, trucks, cars, RVs, jet skis, boats and more which are available at affordable prices.

ABB is a Copart-registered online auction broker. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of their vehicles. Moreover, you can register as a pro or premium member to gain access to vehicle history reports. The report will show you the vehicle’s previous owners, mileage, any prior accident, past damage to the vehicle, repairs, and recalls.

Purchasing a car from ABB is pretty easy. Just follow the steps mentioned below to successfully complete the buying process.

  1. Sign up by creating an account with your email
  2. Choose a membership type
  3. Place a refundable security deposit to acquire buying power
  4. Upload your government-issued identification to show you are a legitimate buyer
  5. Choose your favorite car to start bidding online
  6. Make the winning bet
  7. Pay the total vehicle amount in two business days including the day of sale
  8. Order shipping and wait for your vehicle to arrive at your doorstep

Alliance Auto Auction

Alliance Auto Auction is an in-person auto auction for dealers in Texas. You will have to register before buying, selling, and bidding on any vehicle. The auction allows you to bring one guest, but you will also have to pay $30 for their admission. Obtaining a Bidder Badge is another requirement for entering the auction and bidding on your favorite car.

ACV Auction

ACV auction is a wholesale dealers-only automobile marketplace. Dealers can sell as well as buy vehicles on this platform. Once the betting is finished and you have placed the winning bet, the total payment should be made within 10 days. After paying the whole amount, you will be responsible for transporting the vehicle. ACV will not take responsibility for any damage that occurs during transportation.

BSC America

BSC America is an auto auction located in the Edgewood and Belcamp area. The majority of auctions organized by BSC America are available to car dealers only. However, it also offers public open auctions by collaborating with the General Services Administration (GSA). You can choose and bid from 100,000+ vehicles.

Wrapping Up

A salvage title is given to cars that have been severely damaged in an accident or natural disaster. When these cars are fixed and pass inspection they cant obtain a rebuilt title. Buying one of these title cars is an economical way to purchase a vehicle. 

You can easily select and bid on any automobile through an online auto auction, such as A Better Bid. This way, you will be 100% sure about the authenticity of the vehicle you are buying.