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Samsung aims at Apple with cleaning cloth offer for free

Last month, Apple made a significant statement when it unveiled new Arm-powered Macbook computers. However, another statement that drew notice was the $19 price tag for a cleaning cloth.

Samsung has now reportedly responded to Apple’s cleaning cloth with a counter-offer. Galaxy Club (via Mobile Syrup) discovered a promotion in the Samsung Members app that offered a free cleaning cloth to the first 1,000 individuals who signed up.

The cleaning cloth is 20cm by 20cm, which is larger than Apple’s cloth, according to a screenshot supplied by the site. This campaign appears to be limited to Germany at the moment, so everyone else will have to spend a few dollars on a cleaning cloth or two.

However, this isn’t the first time Samsung has mimicked Apple. The Galaxy manufacturer took aim at Apple for the iPhone 7’s lack of a headphone jack and the company’s ongoing usage of a notch.

However, Samsung has already removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from its phones, and a leaked render reveals that a forthcoming Galaxy tablet would also include a notch. As a result, we’re wondering if this is a precursor to Samsung releasing its own premium-priced cleaning cloth in 2022.

According to a research issued by Gartner, Apple has surpassed Samsung as the global leader in smartphone shipments for the first time in five years.

Apple delivered 69.5 million iPhones in Q4 2019, compared to Samsung’s 70.4 million. However, a year later, in Q4 2020, Apple sold 79.9 million units to 62.1 million for Samsung. Now, while this is a significant increase for Apple and a significant decrease for Samsung, keep in mind that overall smartphone sales declined by 12.5 percent when all other smartphone makers are factored in.

Apple and Samsung, on the other hand, are both very inventive corporations with slightly different innovation agendas. Folding phones, display manufacturing, and display design are all areas where Samsung excels, whereas Apple excels in chip design, machine learning, wearable computing, and music.

Customer value is determined by whether or not the service you are paying for is important to you. Is what Apple does with the iPhone 12 worth it when compared to an S21 that costs $800? To make it worthwhile, you must consider the ecosystem’s whole value proposition and make use of other ecosystem goods.



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