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Samsung Galaxy A series In 2020


Samsung has captured the hearts of its users with sleek designs of its phones, and has not disappointed with its phone series, and also it’s way of diversifying its catalog of terminals which is why it has continually remained on top as the king of the smartphones. It has come up with aesthetic designs for its mid-range line, the Galaxy A series.

Not even the rise from coming from China have managed to remove them from its crown as the largest smartphone maker on the planet, for yet another year, the company continues to lead the top of the companies that sell the most terminals throughout the world.

Even though each model has different details that stand them out from the rest, they share successful similarities if I might add such as elegance, simplicity, beautiful colors, and comfort. 

Today, the company offers a large number of different terminals of different prices and characteristics, with the aim of offering devices that meet the needs of the largest possible number of people.

We’ll discuss the Galaxy Aseries and if it is right for you in this article, keep reading!

Samsung A21s


I will start with the aesthetic section, which does not have any surprises if we compare it with the rest of the devices that make up the new A-series. 

In the upper part of the front, a discreet, perfectly centered drop-shaped notch hides the 8-megapixel camera for selfies, something that, in particular, seems one of the best solutions to achieve an excellent ratio in the size of the screen.

The screen uses the Super AMOLED technology characterized by excellent quality and color definition and a perfect result when used in broad daylight. The resolution of this device is HD + with 720×1560 pixels.

The A21 performs well in the photography department.

If we look at the back, its camera system comprises two sensors of 13 megapixels with f /1.9 aperture and 5 megapixels with f /2.2, respectively, with automatic focus, HDR, 28 mm wide-angle, and an LED flash stands out. 

At this point, it is essential to note that in addition to this biometric reading system, it has a facial unlocking feature. 


The phone’s battery stands at 4,000 mAh capacity, just like the top models in this series. It does well to include a battery with higher capacity. 

Android 9 with Samsung’s One UI

If we talk about software, it is well equipped, it has Android 9 Pie as well as Samsung’s own One UI customization layer. 

This combination allows you to customize the device in various functions and organize all the content and allow a more minimalist display than in previous versions. Another point in which this software is appreciated is in the operations to take photographs since it feels much more comfortable to operate and access the different options in this version of One UI.

Samsung goes practical in design; Samsung A51

If a manufacturer wants to be relevant even in the most competitive mid-range, the careful design that brings the terminal as close to the high-range as possible is a must. The Samsung A51 achieves this by resorting to some tricks that have worked out quite well.

The finish of the A51 looks like glass but is plastic, which significantly reduces its weight and improves grip.

It has a simplistic design, without fanfare beyond the tones chosen by Samsung. The blue color that we have tested attracts attention, but there is no aggressive mirror effect as seen on YouTube. However, there is some degradation with light if we look at it from the side and indicating directly on the surface.

The front has a drop-type notch. On the contrary, the glass back only includes the camera module as a reference, which is triple and in vertical format. The bulge of the camera is hardly noticeable and does not affect the phone’s performance on a flat surface.


  • Includes silicone sleeve
  • Ability to remove almost all Samsung apps altogether to save space and resources.
  • High storage capacity
  • High Performance and RAM capacity


  • High consumption of battery  
  • The USB cable seems too thin, and rigid
  • Fingerprint sensor not accurate
  • Lots of Samsung Apps pre-installed, some not very useful to say. 

Samsung Galaxy A71

The A71 is a game-changer in the A-series now; it comes on the market with the difficult task of cementing Samsung’s reign in the mid-range line up, a segment that has suffered the ups and downs in recent years. 

The A71 serves as a link and a beacon for the current generation of Samsung’s A-series.

The A71 has large dimensions with thin straight lines and rounded corners, with excellent viewing angles, it also has a hole in the screen for the front camera and a clean back where the rectangular camera module presides with authority.

The Samsung A range inherits elements from its predecessors which can be seen on the Galaxy A71 which includes a superior exterior design that remarkably resembles the Galaxy S20

It has a sleek body that is lightweight and comfortable to carry around despite its largeness.

You can buy an open box Samsung A71 for $569 AUD from Phonebot.


  • Sleek design
  • Super AMOLED screen; high brightness, exquisite color management and correct contrast to ensure a unique experience to watch videos and movies.
  • High performance
  • High mAH battery


  • Camera is not as sharp as other other phones from the A series.

Genuine innovation should be accessible to everyone regardless of class, hence the introduction of the Galaxy A-series. This line-up of innovative phones has great features and is affordable too and thus, right for you.



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