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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 might not be able to measure body temperature, here is what we know
Here's what we know about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5's ability to track body temperature.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 might not be able to measure body temperature

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 might not be able to measure body temperature
Image Credits: thetechrabbit

On the wrist, a Samsung smartwatch is it possible for a wristwatch to determine your body temperature just by hitting a sensor on top of your wrist? That’s what Samsung appears to be aiming for with this year’s Galaxy Watch5. But will it truly happen? According to one expert, if Apple can’t accomplish it, neither can the other side.

According to a March report, the Watch5 will have a thermometer that would take the temperature of the wearer’s skin and estimate their body temperature using the software. Of course, with skin exposed to the environment, that software — specifically, the algorithms operating in it — would have to be top-notch in order to assist humans in making sense of everything.

According to TF International Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo, those algorithms aren’t up to Apple’s standards. In a series of tweets, the senior market researcher alleges that Apple has abandoned plans to include body temperature readings in this year’s 7th-generation Apple Watch (it appears to be a “better luck next year” situation) and speculates that Samsung will be unable to achieve the same with the Watch5. Kuo is well-known in the business for his insights on Apple.

Samsung may have a higher chance of succeeding in prototype wireless earbuds with infrared temperature sensors, which was also stated in the March study.

If they are linked to the smartwatch, they may be able to notify users whether or not they have a temperature. And we all know how concerned people are about fevers, especially in a post-pandemic environment.

It’s a win for Apple over Samsung!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
Image Credits: Zyite.News

Although the Apple Watch 8 series and the Galaxy Watch 5 will be considerably different in terms of style and specifications, the strategy used by Apple and Samsung to add body temperature-reading capabilities to their next-generation wearables looks to be identical.

The difficulty they are encountering stems from the fact that surface skin temperature can change based on environmental influences.

Because both Samsung and Apple are working with non-intrusive technology that can only measure surface temperatures, they are attempting to create ingenious algorithms to adjust for these differences and allow their smartwatches to take reliable readings.

Unfortunately for Samsung fans, the newest rumor claims that the Korean tech company will be unable to complete development in time for the Galaxy Watch 5, which means that the thermometer function may be delayed a year and emerge with the Galaxy Watch 6. (tentative name).

Meanwhile, the same source claims that Apple may have solved the riddle and will be the first to market with this capability with the Watch 8 series.

Once the algorithm is properly built, Samsung may equip the Galaxy Watch 5 with the requisite temperature-reading hardware and enable the feature via a software update later on. The ECG capability was activated on prior Galaxy Watch models in a similar manner via upgrades.

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