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Samsung will manufacture all Snapdragon 875 chips

Samsung has a bad reputation for its Exynos chipsets not being as good as Qualcomm ones. Using their Exynos chipset in their flagship devices creates a disparity between the same models in some parts of the world. But, since Samsung will manufacture Snapdragon 875 chips, things might change for the better.

About the deal

The deal happened between Samsung and Qualcomm because they were able to offer a better deal then TSMC. This covers the whole batch of Snapdragon 875 chipsets for next year. This also pretty much confirms that, like every year, Samsung will launch the first Snapdragon 875 device.

Samsung will manufacture all Snapdragon 875 chips

Image Source: Channel Post MEA

According to the reports we have, Samsung’s deal with Qualcomm is roughly between $850 million and $1 billion. This will only fortify the position of the already largest semiconductor manufacturer in the last 20 years. No doubt, their extreme supremacy, and experience in the department allowed them to offer a better deal than TSMC.

Some doubts everyone is having

I am sure you might be thinking about how snapdragon chips will fare against Exynos if Samsung manufactures them? Well, I am no expert, but I think that the performance of a chipset depends on clock speeds, designs, size of transistors, and a lot more intricate factors.

Though the way a chip is manufactured is very important, I don’t think it will affect its performance. Even Qualcomm knows that Exynos chips are not as efficient and powerful as Qualcomm ones. And if it suspected that Samsung won’t be able to manufacture Snapdragon 875 efficiently, then I highly doubt that Samsung would have gotten the deal.

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