Sattvarise’s Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality: The Renaissance of Real Estate Ecosystem


A couple of years ago, Facebook, Google & Microsoft entered the virtual reality arena and created waves of innovations in the field. Meanwhile, away from Silicon Valley in Pune, India; a new startup was developing technology to revolutionize real estate market with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and gamification.

devdatta-2With one of the best talent in the city passionate and obsessed with the potential and future that virtual reality holds; Devdatta Puntambekar, Co-founder & CEO of Sattvarise Technologies said “After continuous research & development of 2 years, we have successfully built the virtual reality ecosystem called VYSLY for the real estate & related industries. Our vision is to create an online virtual ecosystem for real estate and save time and cost for both developers as well as buyers. Existing marketplaces and platforms have limitations when it comes to dealing with real estate. Users can buy real estate, furniture, home decor products and can do Interior Design. It breaks the barrier between the physical and digital world that existed in present marketplaces.”

VYSLY (Visualise Easily) owned by Sattvarise Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which prides itself in developing the first ever AR app for tiles giants like Johnson Tiles. Also clientele like Mahindra Lifespaces, Naiknavare Developers, Kohinoor Group and other real estate developers have added to the expertise in developing world class AR/VR experiences specific to the industry. The company is also developing applications for various industries and for multiple uses cases ( Skill Development, Product Training and Installation, Product manuals and Education)


Using gamification and deep understanding of creating delightful virtual world experiences, VYSLY is making it easy for real estate developers to sign up on the platform, list their projects and target prospective buyers. The technology developed by VYSLY helps builders create interactive walk-through at lesser cost as compared to existing market rates.

The buyers on the other hand can experience the properties in the virtual world sitting at the comfort of their homes. VYSLY brings the projects from real estate builders at the fingertips of international buyers at the comfort of their homes via virtual reality, increasing the frequency of prospective buyers.

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Manufacturers of related industries like furniture, tiles, home decor and the likes cannot host the full range of products in physical showrooms. VYSLY makes it easy and efficient to create VR showrooms that can host an unlimited range of products from the manufacturers directly. This helps the manufacturers understand the the demand for each kind of product in the market facilitating effective decision making in the strategies.

VYSLY presently integrates multiple marketplaces inside one app to make it easy for customers to get the best of availability, it provides the facility of Augmented Reality for customers to place these products from marketplace into their rooms in order to visualize how it will look, avoiding the regrets we often face after buying furniture that doesn’t look the way we imagined.

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In existing scenario, the buyers find it difficult to visualize the real estate simply based on brochures or floor plan, which hampers or delays the decision making. Even after the property is bought, it is difficult to visualize how different kinds of furniture, colors, tiles etc. can look on that property. VYSLY helps in making this process as easy as playing a game and achieve such visualization in 3D environment.

The real estate eco-system makes it easy to match furniture, tiles, appliances etc with the scale of the space. This makes the visualization accurate and useful.

img-20151109-wa0003“Interior Design has not been able to take full advantage of the digital universe because the tools necessary to exploit all these opportunities specific to the interior design industry were limited. With 3D and virtual reality, we want to give power to masses who can design their homes on their own with real products. Having a virtual reality platform has many folds advantage over the existing real estate platforms, one of which is the ability to hosting a full fledge ecosystem that will include not only real estate but also related industries like interior design, furniture, home decor, tiles, paintings, furnishings, kitchen appliances, and electronics to name a few.” said Mugdha Deshmukh, Co-founder & CDO at Sattvarise Technologies.