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Saurav Singla- Union of Data Science and it’s journey towards human development

In India, the data analytics hub has expanded drastically over the past years. It is the result of the long and strenuous labour of several professionals and experts in the field of data science over a long period of time. Today Saurav Singla is an important figure of that crowd with his plethora of knowledge in data science, data analytics, statistics, and machine learning, along with expertise in other fields. For over 15 consecutive years, he has been gaining experience in extensive statistical modelling, machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, and data analytics across Consumer Durable, Retail, Finance, Energy, Human Resource, and Healthcare sectors.

While the year 2020 seemed to be a setback for many, it couldn’t stop Saurav from achieving remarkable milestones who is presently a senior data scientist/advisor/mentor at Mindrops, Delhi. From August 2020, Saurav is an instructor on the esteemed platform of Udemy​. He introduced two courses – Data analysis for business and finance ​and complete outlier detection algorithms A-Z: in Data Science​. In fact, more than twenty thousand students are enrolled in his courses. Saurav feels delighted to share his knowledge with so many people.

He is not only an instructor but also an excellent mentor. He is associated with ​the Mentoring club ​and Revive ​since September 2020. In his spare time, he provides free sessions to young minds who want to explore the path of data science. Today’s generation is not limited to the boundary of medical science and engineering. They want to tread new paths. Saurav guides such people to make use of their creativity. Till date, he has been an inspiration for many designers, entrepreneurs, marketing, and communication managers. With the increase in the variety of professions, competition has also increased drastically. Youngsters often feel lost amidst such a huge arena. Saurav comes up to them with the right advice and prepares them for interviews. What makes him an outstanding mentor is his tremendous experience over one and a half decades.

Mr. Singla started his career in data science in 2003, a time when considerable improvement was needed in the analytics industry around the world. Mr.Singla made significant contributions to this field over the next seventeen years. His career graph kept elevating as he advanced towards being a senior data scientist from a data analyst. Prestigious companies like ​Harvey Norman, Siemens​, ​Valiance Solutions ​, and ​JBSA hired him for key positions and responsibilities over the years. In the course of shifting between companies, Mr.Singla visited and gained work experience even in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Saurav says his experience during these years was worthwhile. While working for one of vertical of Siemens, he grew the team from grounds up when he was the data scientist leader. While working in these companies, he helped them make AI and machine learning-enabled products. Such efforts helped the company and clients financially because it saved a lot of money. He guided them while creating a roadmap on hiring, training staff for the data science domain and even for digital transformation. Thus Saurav left marks of his impeccable research work and problem-solving capabilities all around the world.

Saurav has done extensive research work throughout these years. His research work was not only for the purpose of his career but also for society’s betterment. He firmly believes that data science and analytics has the power to bring about a revolution. That is why he frequently shares his research papers and presents them at conferences both nationally and internationally. Most recently, in September, he published a research paper on Demand and Capacity modeling in Healthcare. In this paper, he has laid down methods and suggestions on how hospitals can keep track of the number of patients that are being admitted or tested every day. His paper has become more relevant during the period of Covid-19, when numerous positive cases are coming up every 24 hours. As a result, many hospitals, irrespective of their size, can adapt their methods and get benefits.

Saurav also joined a ​company ​in 2018 as a mentor. The company is a Transaction Behavioral Intelligence company that accelerates business growth for banks using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enabled products. Their goal is to make banking personalized, automated, and delightful. Mr.Singla assists them with their projects. He suggests to them proper techniques that are required in facing new challenges. He gives machine learning engineers the correct push, which leads to the development of excellent models. His efforts are instrumental in improving the all-round performance of the Company.

Once in a while, Saurav likes to write articles on artificial intelligence, data science, investing, finance, and several other topics. Many of his articles have been published on highly regarded websites such as AI Time Journal, Towards Data Science, Data Science Central, Kdnuggets, Data-Driven Investor, Medium. He answers intricate questions on AI, Machine learning, Deep Learning, and Data visualization very skilfully. The articles have been widely viewed and appreciated.

Two years ago, Saurav started writing a book because he wanted to share his knowledge and observation with other people. The book is called “​Machine Learning in Finance​,” and it was released on 28th November 2020. He had the chance to get his book published by BPB publications, which is Asia’s largest independent book publishing company. He considers it an honour to receive such an opportunity and marks it as the most recent highlight of his career. He is hopeful that his book will be worthy of guiding data science enthusiasts of upcoming generations.

Saurav Singla is an extraordinary personality because he has made use of his profession to mould young brains, support and advise them, and enlarge the role of data science in different sectors. As said, “Humankind moves forward when we give our best at what we do best.” Saurav passionately believes this thought. Despite being a machine learning expert, an author, a mentor, a speaker, and an instructor, Saurav is a researcher at heart. He wants to be consistent in his way of being a philanthropist.

Saurav Singla

Saurav Singla

Mr.Singla is already an inspiration and a role model for the next generation of data scientists. His unending quest for knowledge and research is what makes him unstoppable in this field. He believes his journey is yet to finish. He wants to be an explorer and a seeker of knowledge all throughout his life. It might be a long and fruitful time before he takes his leave from the data analytics industry.



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