SBF is media briber than an entrepreneur: Elon Musk
SBF is media briber than an entrepreneur: Elon Musk

The new CEO of Twitter Elon Musk shared his view regarding the bankrupt cryptocurrency platform FTX. As per the views of Elon Musk, the former CEO of FTX platform Sam Bankman-Fried is very much better at making corporate connections with media houses and bribing them rather than managing help to currency platforms systematically.

The famous South African entrepreneur Elon Musk also dismissed all the rumors on Twitter that were explaining the stake of FTX platforms in the recent purchase deal of Twitter.


SBF is media briber than an entrepreneur: Elon Musk
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The failure of the cryptocurrency platform FTX has been impacting all the retail investors who were having aspirations to invest in the crypto industry soon. With the fall of the FTX platform, Sam Bankman the 30 years old American who was once considered one of the most trusted people in the crypto industry is now seen as a conman of the crypto space with a historical example, who was having an empire of multi-billion dollar company behind him and he collapsed that company and caused considerable losses to all the crypto investors in FTX along with the retail investor’s funds irresponsible use in the FTX platform.

With remarks of Elon Musk two of the most prominent business personalities in the Silicon Valley show, they are Elon musk and Changpeng Zhao. They have shown their public antipathy towards Sam Bankman in recent times. The Tesla CEO in his recent tweet mentioned that Sam Bankman is very efficient in bribing media and then managing his crypto company to which Binance’s Changpeng Zhao responded with a laughing emoji.

What was the experience of Elon Musk meeting Sam Bankman?

Elon Musk in his Twitter discussions mentioned that he had a conversation with Sam Bankman during the Twitter deal in which Elon Musk was quickly able to notice that there was something wrong with Sam Bank months persona and Musk publicly mention it that time as well as “something wrong with that dude”

Along with these views Elon musk further mentioned that in recent types some media houses have been speculating that Sam Bankman has purchased As part of a Twitter deal and purchased a minority stake in Twitter with an investment of $ 100 million. Elon Musk mentions that all these rumors are false and Sam Bankman has nowhere any stake in the Twitter company.

Similar to Elon Musk Binance’s Changpeng Zhao also mentioned in his recent interviews that Sam Bankman should stop posting Mysterious tweets on Twitter and instead of doing these low-graded things and instead Sam Bankman should work on fixing all the wrongdoings he carried out in the bankrupt FTX active platform.