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SBI Card makes festive shopping truly delightful with these Tech-citing deals on electronic gadgets



This Diwali season is just around the corner and people aretruly in the festive mood, and of course, the shopping sprees cannot be far behind. Both offline and online have brought forth a moiety of offers and shoppers are spoilt for choices! If you are a tech-lover and looking forward to adding to your electronics collection, do it this Diwali! The entire tech market is all “geared” up for the shopping showdown that the Indian market experiences during Diwali every year. If you are the owner of an SBI Credit Card, you can make the most of these deals, and that too with amazing SBI Card festive offers with weekly prize and daily prize!

To make things better, Diwali happens to be the best time to buy electronics. Wondering what it makes it so? Here are a few reasons –

  • Numerous product launches

As long as we are talking about consumer electronics, manufacturers love the months of September, October and November. Most of the tech giants like Samsung, Apple or Google find this to be the best time to make a number of launches during this period. A host of smartphones have already been launched till now and many more lucrative ones are in the pipeline.

  • Online offers

The Online shopping market has seen the giants like Amazon and Flipkart doling out incredible Diwali deals and it is a shoppers’ heaven, so to speak. The last 3 to 4 years have seen an exponential increase in the extent of discounts and festive offers in the e-commerce platform. These are things you just can’t avoid, and this is what makes Diwali shopping all the more special

  • The variety of products

If you think that the deals are only on smartphones, you couldn’t be more wrong. The Diwali season brings special offers for a variety of electronic items. All you have to do is name it! Starting from LED TVs and air conditioners to DSLR cameras, you can find astronomical deals on a huge number of consumer electronic products.

  • Offline offers

If the online shopping platform is gaining pace, the offline market is also not lagging behind. Although a big subset of customers has migrated to e-commerce, many customers still value the unmatched hands-on experience of electronics that the retail chains are specialized in. They may not be able to offer competitive prices as online platforms. However, they make it up with EMI offers and the much sought after, post-sales services.


Make the most of this Diwali, with SBI credit card Diwali offers in Tech

  • If you have an SBI Credit Card, you are in luck! SBI Card has come up with exciting cashbacks and other rewards for its valuable credit card customers. The cashback deals that come with their SBI Credit Cards are such:
  1. Electronics
    1. Bosch – Upto 10% Cashback, Duration 29th September – 31st October
    2. Croma – 5% Cashback, Duration: Saturday to Tuesday, 05th Oct – 05th Nov
    3. Great Eastern – Upto 7.5% Cashback, 22nd September – 31st October
    4. Haier – Upto 20% Cashback, 27th September – 3rd November
    5. Sangeetha – 5% Cashback, 29th September – 29th October
  2. Smartphones
    1. Samsung – 5% Cashback on select smartphones, 01st -31st October
    2. Xiaomi – 10% off at MI phones, 12th – 16th October

For all your tech lovers around, this is the best season to be all up and about with the amazing discounts and make the most of the festive offers. With the deals on one’s SBI Credit Card, this Diwali will truly be Tech-citing. Click here to know more and miss out on absolutely nothing.  

If you are still looking for an SBI Card, you can apply for one click here.




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