Riot Announces An Arcane And Among Us Collaboration

Riot announces an Arcane and Among Us collaboration

Riot Games is introducing Days of Progress from 7 to 13 November, the time period between Arcane Act 1 and 2 and is releasing new game content for players in Riots games. Riot Games announced Progress Days, the next leg of its month-long RiotX Arcane event to celebrate the launch of the first Riots animated series Arcane League of Legends. Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends, has launched a multi-game crossover event called RiotX Arcane. Official Riot X Arcane Progress Days video, which shows the many games part of the event, such as Legends of Runeterra, PUBG Mobile and Valorant, and now Among Us.

Riot Announces An Arcane And Among Us Collaboration

While Riot did not elaborate on what items will be added to the game, Jinx’s iconic hairstyle, Vis gloves or goggles, and possibly a mini-crisp as a pet could help celebrate Arcane in Among Us, Riots Arcane is now partnered with Amongst Us as some League of Legends skins are likely to be available for use in bloody thrillers.

Riot Video Games also hosts Arcane themed events with the exception of these legendary crossovers. Progress Days is the show’s celebration of Piltover Town and Progress Days is essentially a myriad of mysterious connections between the Riots games.

Riot Games is celebrating the launch of Netflix’s League of Legends animated series Arcane, various characters and objects from the Runeterra universe are heading to various first-party games. Riot Games went crazy celebrating the launch of the animated Netflix series Arcane, which brings MOBAs to life in ways that we’ve never seen before.


A month-long event featuring several games that have been developed by third-party studios and will coincide with subsequent versions of the episodes. Content creators from around the world will also be throwing parties for the first episode on Twitch.

During the event, players can get their hands on Hextech Crystal, a brand new, upgradeable SCAR-L weapon skin. The event has the same blue and gold theme as the animation in Riot Games Arcane series released on Netflix. These two skins accurately reflect Jace and Vis’ appearance, with V playing a younger version of himself and Jace looking more formal and respectable as demonstrated in most of the Riots’ promotional material for the show.

The collaboration with Among Us is part of the series’s second act, Riots Progress Day, a weeklong party to the show Riot – Studios shows a brief appearance of the crew wearing accessories from a Netflix animated series based on the storyline of the popular Riots MOBA game League of Legends. This collaboration among us is the latest in a long line of its upcoming series celebrations in the Riot video game universe.

There is also a tournament, it is in a collaboration between RiotX Arcane and Epic Games Champion League of Legends, bringing a Fortnite skin to celebrate Arcane. League of Legends has also teamed up with Fortnite to celebrate Arcane, bringing over some LoL items, including. Jinx clothing, to Fortnite. A range of Jinx-themed items was made available in the Fortnite Item Store starting November 4, 2021.