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Sega Files Trademark For Sega NFTs

Sega officially trademarks Sega NFTs, Recent announcements that caution in its approach to NFTs has not stopped Sega from obtaining trademarks for various NFT-related businesses. Despite the logo and branding, it remains unclear if Sega will use NFT in the future. However, even the registration of these brands somewhat contradicts Sega management’s recent observations regarding NFTs. The document, filed last December, concerns two brands associated with a potential Segas NFT business: one for the Sega Classics NFT series and one for Sega NFTs only, both registered on December 28 last year and made public yesterday (January 14).

Sega NFTs

Credit @ Sega

Sega announced last year that it intends to start selling NFTs through a post on a Japanese social media platform. They then reiterated their enthusiastic stance during a November briefing for investors. The Japanese firm is not alone in seeing NFTs as an opportunity to expand its business. Konami recently announced that it will begin selling NFTs associated with screenshots and promotional images of the Castlevania games, in a path that the SEGA Classics NFT Collection label seems to be following.

These NFT brands follow Sega’s announcement last April that it would partner with double jump Tokyo to “start selling NFT digital content using blockchain technology.” In November 2021, Segas’ Q2 results mentioned that the Japanese publisher plans to partner with Microsoft to develop cloud-based “super games” and “invest in emerging areas such as NFTs.”

While many people still have a lot to think about and even learn about what NFTs and blockchain games will or won’t do, Segas’ decision is cautious but proactive. Behind the scenes, however, Segas’ corporate shenanigans continue and new trademark and logo registrations are emerging, revealing that Segas’ new move will be known as the Sega NFT.

Sega NFTs

Credit @ Sega

Since Steam has banned all games that use NFTs or cryptocurrencies, NFTs are unlikely to make it into Sega’s games. At last, we’ll have to wait and see what Sega plans to do regardless of the current thoughts of players regarding NFTs, it seems the company prefers to do it slowly and carefully.

A management meeting happened recently, the CEO indicated that the company would go forward with NFTs. Industry competitors have previously expressed enthusiasm for the relevance of NFTs in gaming. Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson recognized the importance of NFTs in the future despite early developments.

However, the recent news may cause NFT opponents to worry as it shows that Sega has already filed for a trademark for its NFTs in December 2021. The VGC broke the news by stating that the Japan Patent Office had just published a trademark application, the NFT Logo. Sega has registered a new Sega NFT brand in Japan, despite the fact that the company appears to be undecided on its future plans. Sega filed for a trademark for its NFT brand in late December 2021.



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