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Sega Is Confident Sonic Frontiers Won’t Be Delayed

Despite those concerns, Sega does not appear to have considered delaying Sonic Frontiers. The game is still set for release in 2022, according to Sega, which is confident in the quality of the game, despite reservations about the first gameplay videos. Despite criticism from fans about how the new Sonic Frontiers looks, Sega remains steadfast in its belief that Sonic Frontiers needs to be finished before this holiday season. Fortunately for eager fans, Segas Sonic Frontiers appears to be on track for an early arrival this holiday season, despite concerns that have been raised recently by many fans. The buildup to Sonic Frontiers’ release has been an interesting one, to say the least.

Sonic Frontiers

Credit @ Sega

SEGA is not planning on delaying Sonic Frontiers’ release until 2022 in order to do further improvements in an effort to alleviate fan concerns. While the game concept seems promising, videos and impressions are leading many people to fear it is not ready for a launch this year. The catastrophic launches for big-name games such as Cyberpunk 2077, which left a lot of gamers, once they had taken one bite, two times shy of any kind of game, feeling that it could just be another half-baked mess, is at this point invoking Sonics own history of poor game launches. At this point, mentioning Sonics’ own history of poor game launches has gotten tired.

Much like a disastrous launch for high-profile Cyberpunk 2077, many gamers have given up the “once-bitten, twice-shy” approach for any title that looks like it might be yet another half-baked mess, and Sonics’ below-par games are self-releasing at this point. It is been more than five years since Sonic Forces, the last mainline Sonic title.

It was following the publication of a fiscal 2023 Q1 briefing by Sega Sammys Senior Executive Officer and Vice President, Koichi Fukazawa, as well as Executive Vice President, Makoto Takahashi, who answered questions on a variety of corporate matters, one of them being the current festive period. Studio boss Takashi Iizuka talked about how a lackluster response to gameplay was unsurprising, as the upcoming open-zone Sonic Frontiers gameplay from Sonic Team was not what fans had experienced with other games. Studio head Takashi Iizuka said fans are comparing gameplay with other games of the same format, and because Sonic Frontiers’ gameplay is unique in this regard, fans are going to have an easy time understanding that, naturally.

Sonic Teams really feels like we are getting to a place where Sonic Frontiers is done, people are going to love it, and we really want to put this game into the hands of our fans soon, added Studio head Takashi Iizuka. With an all-new open world to explore, enhanced battle mechanics, and input from Sonics beloved manga writer Ian Flynn, the contents of Sonic Frontiers are the big hits for the franchise.



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