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Self-Defense Tips And Is Safe Life Defense NIJ Certified

Nowadays, the crime rate remains pretty high. Unless you are capable of handling the attackers, you may be left with an untoward situation at hand. However, with changing times, people have also understood the concept of self-defence. 

Being practised in the same keeps you protected just in case any mishap occurs. Here we tell you some self-defence tips that you can pursue while trying to protect yourself.

Body language 

Whether it is on the street or in a lonely alley, always walk straight. Keep your chin up and shoulders back so that you can breathe enough air. This will give you an idea of what is happening around you. 

Plus, it increases the oxygen in your lungs, making you better prepared to face any issues. If you are going out with valuable items, you could wear NIJ certified body Armor for extra protection.

Use eye contact

Whenever you are cornered, do not forget to lose eye contact. By maintaining eye contact, you are showing that you are aware of the other person’s presence. 

Apart from that, you also convey that you are not scared of being attacked. This means you are prepared for an attack that stops people from bothering you.

Be aware of surroundings

Another reason why you need to walk straight is so you can be aware of what is happening around you. By doing this, you can keep an eye on whether anything seems out of place. In case you notice a potentially dangerous situation, you can protect yourself by moving elsewhere. 

Avoid lonely lanes, and do not gaze on your phone while walking. The more you are distracted, the higher the chances of getting waylaid.


Try and act reasonably in case someone tries to stop you. Convince them that you have a family to go back to. If possible, call any family member on the spot so he can get an idea of what is going on. 

You can also pretend to talk to someone on the phone so that the attacker feels you are well connected.

Use your voice

How much we are told to remain silent in some situations, you should not do so. Raise your voice and yell stop or no so that other people notice. If you are loud enough, you might surprise the attacker. 

Such people only thrive on someone else’s vulnerability. Once they know that you are trying to oppose them, they might just go away. If you wish to fight, back see which areas you can hit easily.


When outside, keeping yourself protected is very important. Use the above tips to see that you never face any kind of problem. Always keep the numbers of your family on the speed dial. This will help you as you can quickly inform if you notice anything wrong. 

If nothing works, you can always try and dial emergency services. Just make sure not to lose your fight easily. Try and fight back, offering resistance in every manner possible. If there is more than one attacker, you will have to be a little more careful.



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