Shiba Inu millionaires back a new metaverse game

Metaverse and play-to-earn games are in real craze right now. It seems like everyone is jumping in on this new market hype, and even millionaires aren’t left behind. Recently, two brothers who are also Shiba Inu millionaires have backed a game called the Legends of Bezogia in the metaverse. It is a play-to-earn game and will use $Bezoge as its native token.

The investment

Legends of Bezogia was backed by Tommy and James, who made millions of dollars from just a $7,900 investment. They have been famously named the crypto pioneers and are influencers now. The idea behind their investment in this project is to help it become the next Shiba Inu. Since the NFT markets are also booming right now, this gives them a great opportunity.

About the game

Legends of Bezogia is like any other virtual play-to-earn game that rewards users with tokens that can be used to purchase items or sold for real money. The game utilizes DeFi, blockchain, and NFTs into a well-designed package that is pleasant to look at and play. The game hasn’t been released yet and will first be arriving for PC and then more mobile and mac devices.

Legends of Bezogia

The players of the game can also contribute to it, making the project like an open-source one. At the same time, it is already trying to position itself as the best play-to-earn game. The Shiba Inu brothers also said that the option to participate in decision-making activities as players of the game makes it exciting.

The game will have Bezogin, the main characters who are warriors and will conquer mysterious lands to get legendary weapons. The weapons will have a lot of different uses and can be used to damage the enemies. The characters have their own characteristics and can be traded on the Open Sea platform as an NFT.

Play to earn games are great opportunities

If you are able to invest some money and give some time, then play-to-earn games have great earning potential. It won’t take much time to recover your initial investments, and making money will be a treat. The AXS token also took off because of this, as their Axie Infinity game was doing really good. So, do see what opportunities you can find in this sector,

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