Shiv and Steve’s Exclusive On Snapdeal Funding And Covfefe

snapdeal funding

Shiv: Hah! Finally my exams are over now we can focus on some important stuff! ? I missed out on lot Stevie! These exams won’t let me be an entrepreneur! I heard a 16-year old ‘kid’ started his own Facebook and named it as Kashbook! Damn and here we are! ?

Steve: Haha, hope that guy had also embedded stories feature in it.. ? I don’t think you missed out on much man, remember the last time you left Snapdeal and Flipkart were in merger talks? Guess what, they’re still in the same spot.. ?? Tell me, did you hear about their recent funding?

Shiv: Haha! Ohh yeah, it raised Rs. 113 crore, surprisingly that was Snapdeal’s average 10 days’ loss in FY16 ? They need to copy some nice business module- Meanwhile, Skype has stories ?

Steve: Seriously in the name of going social, their update is like they’re joining the pride in June ? Guessing the developers were in #covfefe all this while.. ??

Shiv: “The One who cracks the mystery of covfefe, shall sit on the Iron Throne!” ?
Btw, Microsoft co-founder has built World’s largest airplane! ? and NASA is going to Sun! Humans are developing things in a Flash ⚡

Steve: Why do you say it like someone was making you sit in Iron Thorns ? after Mars mission, will they allow tourists in sun as well? ?  Btw, did you see the latest RoboCop addition to Dubai Police force?

Shiv: Haha I never dream of Iron throne, I prefer the caves and the bats, its nice down here ?
well, If you have like billions stacked you can join them to go touch the Sun! OMG! I wanna visit Dubai just to see that! AI is the future

Steve: Not sure about the intelligence of RoboCop, we are yet to see if it is merely inspector Gadget.. But I believe now Go players can peacefully compete with each other and AlphaGo can officially be put to better use..

Shiv: Haha AlphaGo dominated in the entire games, it scares me at times ? Terminator Salvation ? Pranav Mistry isn’t making things easier ??

Steve: He hadn’t kept things easier since the Sixth Sense Ted talk like 8 years back.. We don’t need advancement in AI to call it a dooms day, just skipping climate talks for a covfefe is enough.. ? now that even Musk is outta the board, who’s going to make Earth great again.. ?

Shiv: No clue, looks like the winter is truly coming. Hope Covfefe is the family name for someone who is going to save the world. House of Covfefe?  ?

One thing is for sure, if covfefe was their startup name, it would’ve been on top of the Google page results for sure!