Shopping-Related Hassles Banished at the Push of a Button

Shopping, in urban India, is no longer a luxury but a necessity. No-one likes to wait till the festive season to buy that fancy gadget or that pretty dress. Shopping is always fun! But then – like everything else in the world – there are pros and cons of shopping. The pros are obvious and don’t need elaborating. As far as the cons are concerned, who can forget those frighteningly long shopping bills, unused Reward Points and EMIs at high interest rates? Well, keeping all these frequent problems in mind, the IndusInd Bank has launched the IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card, India’s first interactive credit card with buttons. A veritable panacea for all shopping-related ills, the IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card gets rid of all your shopping-related worries literally, at the push of a button. Featuring push-buttons, the IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card gives you the freedom to shop and pay exactly the way you like, by giving you payment options such as EMI, Rewards and Credit. Here’s how this amazing card works:

EMI: Although the concept of paying through EMIs isn’t new, it is typically something that involves processing fees, and steep interest rates, among others. However, with the IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card, you can easily pay for an expensive product through 6, 12, 18 or 24 easy EMIs.  Simply by pushing the EMI button! Furthermore, you also get to enjoy a special interest rate of 12%.

Rewards: While shopping aficionados do get to accumulate loads of Reward Points at their favourite stores, they don’t always get to redeem them, what with long reward catalogues to  go through and call centre requests to  make. Get ready to bid adieu to all of these little hassles with the IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card’s Rewards button. So, all you need to do in order to use up those accrued Reward Points is, press that button.

Credit: Finally, this interactive card is also equipped with a Credit button which lets you pay through the credit option. When you push this button, your IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card works just like a regular credit card.

And that’s not all. The IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card offers a bouquet of other advantages, which include:

  • A free movie ticket with every ticket you buy, on and at Satyam Cinemas.
  • Under the Rewards Programme, you get one 1 Reward Point for every ₹150 spent.
  • Concierge services such as flight bookings, exclusive event bookings, pre-trip assistance, and reservations.
  • A complimentary Priority Pass Membership with access to more than 700 lounges around the world.
  • A complimentary Personal Air Accident Insurance of up to ₹25 lakhs.

An interactive credit card featuring buttons, the IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card is virtually every technology-savvy person’s dream come true. Simultaneously, the benefits it offers and the simplicity of its operation make it a valuable asset for anyone in the 21st century, digital-savvy or not.

So, get the IndusInd Bank Nexxt Credit Card today and get rid of all your shopping-related hassles at the push of a button!