Should you buy Samsung Galaxy S23 over Galaxy S22 in 2023?
Should you buy Samsung Galaxy S23 over Galaxy S22 in 2023?

Should you buy Samsung Galaxy S23 over Galaxy S22 in 2023?
Many folks are confused whether to select the new Galaxy S23 flagships from Samsung or the more recent Galaxy S22 device. Here's what you should do:

After releasing their new flagships with all the improvements in terms of specification and features and also giving a small price hike, Samsung has been making its way to the top of all publications and even YouTube channels.

Many people are now faced with the choice of purchasing the brand-new Galaxy S23 flagship or sticking with the capable but one-year-old Galaxy S22 flagship in 2023. To clear up any doubt, Techstory has you covered with all the details you want.

Samsung launches Galaxy S23 lineup officially – Price Comparison with Galaxy S22 models

The 2023 flagships, the Samsung Galaxy S23 range, will be discussed. If you watched the launch event, you may have seen Samsung discuss the new Galaxy S23’s improvements over its previous flagships and other high-end flagships now on the market.

Consumers praised the new features that were thought to be for the new flagships, and excitement to purchase this flagship was strong until and unless the smartphone’s price was made public and showed a little increase above the launch price of the Galaxy S22 variants.

So, what’s the launch price of Galaxy S23 models? If you missed out on watching the launch event, here are the pricing of the smartphone in pointers:

Samsung Galaxy S23 models launched in two variants with 8GB of RAM and 12GB of storage, the pricing are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 (8GB+128GB) – Rs. 74,999.
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 (8GB+256GB) – Rs. 79,999.

Then we have the Galaxy S23+ which was launched in two variants:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23+ (8GB+256GB) – Rs. 94,999.
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+ (12GB+512GB) – Rs. 1,04,999.

Then the top-end beast, Galaxy S23 Ultra was launched in three different variants:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (12GB+256GB) – Rs. 1,24,999.
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (12GB+512GB) – Rs. 1,34,999.
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (12GB+1TB) – Rs. 154,999.

If you see, here the launched pricing of trio models has got a significant price hike, let’s now compare it with the launch pricing of Galaxy S22 models.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 (8GB+128GB) – Rs. 72,999.
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 (8GB+256GB) – Rs. 76,999.

Then, we have the Galaxy S22+ models which came in two variants:

  • Samsung Galaxy S22+ (8GB+128GB) – Rs. 84,999.
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+ (8GB+256GB) – Rs. 88,999.

And, at last, the top-end beats, Galaxy S22 Ultra came in two different variants:

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (12GB+256GB) – Rs. 1,09,999.
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (12GB+512GB) – Rs. 1,18,999.

Detailed price comparison between Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23

Here you can see that the Galaxy S23 model has received a price hike of at least Rs. 3,000 and then if you have a close look at the Galaxy S23 Ultra, here you get another new 1TB variant but other smaller variants have seen a very significant price hike.

Conclusion – Should you consider buying Galaxy S23 or buying Galaxy S22?

When it comes to prices, there are just modest variations between the two smartphones. However, if you are willing to spend more money and would want to own a chipset that is highly clocked, you could choose to choose the S23 model.

Additionally, you will receive one additional OS update with the S23 model, which is something to keep in mind over the long term.

We can claim that the Galaxy S22 is worth your money, nevertheless, given the price and in particular the fact that the Galaxy S22 is currently receiving significant discounts following the release of the Galaxy S23 models.