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Should You Trust Brand New Online Casinos

Imagen de besteonlinecasinos en Pixabay

Imagen de besteonlinecasinos en Pixabay

The online casino industry has never seen better days. After all, we’re talking about a market expected to cross the USD 92 billion mark this year. This market will keep growing at a rate of 11.5% per year until at least 2027. So, it’s not surprising to see a record number of new gambling sites out there; the market is booming, and everyone wants a slice of the pie. Are these brand new online casinos trustworthy, though? 

A Web of Options

Keeping pace with all novelties in this niche isn’t an easy task. If you don’t have time to investigate every new casino, read about the finest new online casinos in UK on high-quality review websites. Anyway, there are some defining features for telling trustworthy casinos from dodgy ones. 


Putting a new casino online isn’t like creating a new blog. Prospective gambling sites must go through a costly and lengthy licensing process. No online casino is allowed to operate without one. So, that should be the first information to check in a new online casino. Additionally, check for certificates by independent auditing institutions, like iTechLabs, and eCOGRA. 


Casinos would be pointless without games, and having an extensive gaming catalogue is always a good sign. It isn’t only a matter of a desirable variety of options. It’s also because the most important developers in the market won’t deal with “less than legal” websites. Not finding big names like Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, or others could be a worrisome sign. 


Every online casino will offer bonuses to new or existing customers: it’s how they find and keep new players. Some will offer extraordinary promotions, but the terms and conditions should be read carefully. The T&C should be clear about eligibility criteria, wagering requirements, timeframes, and other issues. A shady and confusing T&C is invariably a bad sign. 

What the Best Ones Are Doing

New gambling sites may not have many reviews and still need to stand the test of time. Yet, age isn’t the most important factor in this market, and some new platforms are becoming better and stronger than well-seasoned ones. What’s the key to their success? There are a few ways for new online casinos to establish themselves in the market. Check them below. 

Mobile Gaming

Nearly 84% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. It means that serious online gambling companies can’t neglect mobile gaming. It doesn’t mean that every online casino should have an app. Yet, it does mean that every online casino should be optimised for mobile gaming, even if the platform runs on the browser. Try some demo slots for beginners on the platform, and see how it performs in terms of navigability and gameplay. 


Certificates aren’t mandatory legal requirements like licences. Still, many new platforms invest in them, as they’re proof of excellence and professionalism. Certificates like iTestLabs (RNG testing), eCOGRA (fair practices), and IBAS (independent mediation of conflicts) tell volumes about an online casino. Even for a new casino that hasn’t been broadly tried, these are unmistakable signs of trustworthiness.


Banking can be a tricky part of gambling online. The best brands in the field offer a wide range of banking options and swift operations. Also, transparency is vital here, and online casinos should be crystal clear about their banking services. Credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets are the most common payment methods. Cryptocurrencies are also gaining more popularity among online gamblers. Some new platforms operate only with cryptos. 

Affiliate Marketing

New online casinos that are here to stay must invest in engaging marketing strategies. Enter affiliate marketing. New brands partner with specialised websites and influencers to forward their promotions, latest games, types of bonuses available, and other features. It doesn’t mean those unspoken casinos are necessarily bad. Still, online casinos that invest in getting the word out are more likely to inspire confidence in new players. 

Brand New Brands

Image by Aidan Howe on Pixabay

Image by Aidan Howe on Pixabay

Age shouldn’t be the only criterion for trusting or not a new online casino. There are many other factors concerning excellence in this niche, and age isn’t even a determinant one. It doesn’t take much research to find casinos launched this year with better promotions and conditions than decades-old gambling sites. 

Likewise, new online casinos aren’t necessarily great or reliable. Casinos that aren’t aptly licensed don’t deserve your attention, and also beware of offers that look “too good to be true”; they quite often are. Anyway, the bottom line is to always look for licences and clear T&Cs, as basic signs of reliability.



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