The area of Las Vegas to be covered by the tunnel, as proposed by the Boring Company
Source: The Verge

Boring Company receives approval for expanding its tunnels to downtown Las Vegas

Musk’s Boring Company has got a permission in complete accord for extending its arrangement of tunnels underneath downtown Las Vegas. There will stoppages at boundary lines added in this enlargement one of which will be located at the Stratosphere and other at the Fremont Street. These stoppages will allow the people travelling in a Tesla move from one part of the town to another.

Tesla car running inside the tunnel
Source: The Verge

This system of tunnels is termed as the “Vegas Loop”. As per the assumptions, it is 29 miles long and has 51 stoppages at the end. As of now, the part of the tunnel in working order covers 1.7 miles and is situated underneath the Las Vegas Convention Center. It makes a 25 minutes walks around the Convention Center a 2 minutes travel therefore making it handy for the customers.

The Tesla vehicles Model X and Y which is operated by humans runs in this network of tunnels. Once Musk said that sledges will be used inside the tunnel to carry cars.

The people who attend CES in 2022 had got a chance to try their hands on the tunnel below LVCC. A few these people were not so pleased by the ride. However, it was claimed that the tunnel was not as overcrowded as the Convention Center ground.

These attendees said that they came across traffic assistance inside the tunnel. As asserted by them these traffic assistance can hold a total 70 cars at once.

The area of Las Vegas to be covered by the tunnel, as proposed by the Boring Company
Source: The Verge

There were more or less 1500 to 1700 passengers bring carried everyday via this network of tunnels during the CES.

Getting this permission for the extension of the tunnel network will bring the company nearer to its aim of constructing a network of passage which covers all the well known spots in Las Vegas. After the approval was announced the expressed its gratefulness in a blogpost giving its thanks to the complete team in the city.

It further wrote that it was an excellent argument and the company is exhilarated to construct a risk-free, suitable, and excellent passage system in Las Vegas.

Back in October 2021 the company got a permission to excavate underneath the Las Vegas Strip to construct a tunnel to carry passengers to places like hotels, airports, etc. The construction work for this began earlier in the current year.

According to the president of LVCC this network of tunnels below the strip might come into action by the end of 2023.