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Simone Biles to release an NFT collection

Forbes reported on August 30 that the revered Olympic Gymnasts Simone Biles was the most recent sports star in Autograph’s team to release an NFT collection.

Forbes has reported that the collection will include more than 10,000NFTs with rates starting at $12 and conducting an exclusive interview with Biles.

Biles also joining other athletes such as Wayne Gretzky, Naomi Osaka, and Tony Hawk, says Forbes, will become part of Autograph’s advisory board.

Image Credits: Getty Images

The Simone Biles carbon prime miniature has already listed 5,000 editions on its website for $ 12. The access pass allows holders “VIP” to access the drop and the privately-owned Discord community of Autograph. Fans can buy DraftKings Marketplace passes which will be available at 15:00 on August 31.

Autograph from Los Angeles was co-founded by football star Tom Brady who immediately sold out his 5 Premier Premeason Access Collection.

What’s NFTs?

NFT is a non-smooth token.

In an economy, a fungible asset can be easily replaced by units – like money.

You can swap the £10 bill with money for two £5 bills and it has the same value

If something is not fungible, however, it is impossible – it means it has unique characteristics so that it cannot be replaced with anything else.

It may be a house or a painting of a kind like the Mona Lisa. You can photograph or purchase a print, but only the original painting will ever be there.

The NFT are ‘one-of-a-kind’ digital assets that can, like any other property, be purchased and sold, but they do not have any tangible form of themselves.

The digital tokens can be considered as virtual- or physical-asset ownership certificates.

What is the functionality of NFTs?

Traditional artworks like paintings are precious because they are one of a kind.


Will only digitally replace physical trading cards?

As with crypto-monetary information, who owns what is kept in a common blockchain booklet.

The records cannot be forged because thousands of computers worldwide maintain the ledger.

NFTs can also contain intelligent contracts which, for instance, can give the artist a cut in future sales.





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