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Simplilearn’s #NewYearNewOpportunity Contest Results Shows Technology Skills in Highest Demand


05 February 2019, India:

Simplilearn, announced today the results of a New Year’s resolution-themed contest they recently conducted, results that shed light on the technology skills most sought after by high-tech professionals, career seekers and other learners in 2019.

Courses in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, Data Science and Business Intelligence (BI), and Project Management topped the list of the most-desired skills participants selected as their preferred focus of future training.

Listed in order of preference, the results below show the technology categories selected by the contestants and by what percentage they were chosen:

Technology Category Selected                                                                       Percentage Chosen
AI & Machine Learning 22.4%
Data Science & BI 17.2%
Project Management 10.6%
Cyber Security 8.5%
Cloud Computing 7.1%
Digital Marketing 6.8%
DevOps 6.4%
Agile/Scrum 6.2%
Big Data 5.6%
IT Service and Architecture 4.4%
Salesforce 2.7%
Quality Management 2.1%


Kashyap Dalal, Co-founder & Chief Business Officer, Simplilearn, said, “We were impressed by the overwhelming participation in this contest. The response shows not only the huge demand for skills training today, but also highlights that the new and quickly-evolving technologies of AI and data science are foremost in the minds of professionals and career seekers alike.”

In addition to selecting their preferred category of training, participants were asked to submit entries in the form of an essay, video, photo collage, song or other creative project.

The best four entries won a free Simplilearn online training course of their choice. Winners were selected based on the quality and creativity of their entries.

The four winners chosen selected Agile Scrum Foundations, Digital Project Manager Master’s Program, and Machine Learning Certification Training as their preferred courses.



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