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SkyDrive raises $37 million to build flying cars

Flying cars are so cool and yes the future of travelling. Many companies are trying to innovate and build Flying Cars for public use. SkyDrive is one such company and has raised $37 million to help with their goal to make a flying car.

It was a Series B funding round, and there were many investors. Development Bank of Japan and Itochu Corporation, Strive, Obayashi Corporation, NEC Corporation, Eneos Innovation Partners are some of them.

SkyDrive’s public demonstration

SkyDrive says that they have built the world’s smallest electric aircraft that can take off and land vertically. It has been named SD-02 and measures at 2 metres high, 4 metres wide. It takes the space of around 2 cars to park the flying aircraft.


Image Source: Syfy Wire

During the test flight, the pilot was assisted using computers to help control the vehicle and sure his safety. The conditions were very controlled, and the flight was only for 4 minutes. This shows that the car is still in a state where it has to go through much more development.

SkyDrive’s Future Goals

The company is trying to innovate and build something that we haven’t imagined to use in daily life before. So, the process is not going to be easy. It aims to create a flying car that can start mass-production by 2026.

Now, the company’s target is to keep expanding its test flight range and slowly but steadily reach safety provisions of the Civil Aeronautics Act. This will make the vehicle available for public use.

Flying cars are going to be a thing one day, but that day is still far away. Will you sit in a flying car if you get the chance? Let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed our content do like and share with your friends.

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