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Fantasy Akhada receives funding from Harsha Bhogle

Indian Cricketers have often made significant investments in many startups. We have even made a list of the Top 7 Indian cricketer’s startup investments. Now, even Harsha Bhogle an Indian cricket commentator has entered the investing route. Fantasy Akhada, a gaming startup, has received an undisclosed amount from the commentator.

Fantasy Akhada’s growth in 2020

The gaming startup Fantasy Akahda was founded in 2008 and has recently crossed a milestone of 1 lakh users. They have crossed this milestone in last 8 months. The founder of the startup Amit Purohit said:

“We have a lot of active users. We are very focussed on activities that we do for retention of users. People want to quick withdrawals of their rewards otherwise they become restless and retaining them becomes a challenge. We want to focus on retention of users and with Harsha coming on board credibility factors go up significantly,”

The company now aims to improve their offerings and improve customer service to bring in more users. At this point building, a proper infrastructure is very necessary for the company. At this point, the startup claims to be growing its user base by 100% every month.

The deal and motive behind the investment

Fantasy Akhada

Image Source: Exchange4media

According to the deal, Harsha Bhogle will become the brand’s face for the next two years. Seeing a familiar face recommending and promoting the platform will help the startup gain more customers. The investment, on the other hand, will help the startup improve its technology and provide a better experience to its users. On asked about the idea behind the investment, Harsha Bhogle’s said,

“I have realised that during a cricket match, everyone wants to join the game. While limited people can play on the ground, several fans engage in the game online through various sort of games. There fantasy gaming is growing and it is good to invest in something which is growing,”

He also said, “Besides the growth potential, I like to work with young people who want to make a difference in society with their energy. I was comfortable with people involved in Fantasy Akhada hence I decided to make an investment in the platform.”

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