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Snap employees joke that they work on snapazon as the company takes Amazon’s work culture

Snapchat is a very popular app among people, especially the youngsters. Probably there are no such people who haven’t tried snapchat’s attractive face filters to click their pictures. Lately, the company has been going through a transition where the employees joke by calling the company as snapazon. This is because the company has slowly started to shift upon the working culture of Amazon. This all happened because of the reorganization of the company that came about to be a little more brutal as the employees expected it to be. Many employees complain that they did not expect that their job is in danger. One such employee also said that the company is continuously misleading its employees. Earlier the company also said to increase their head count by 10% 


Snapchat and its Employees


snapchat in a file photo

Credits: bbc.com

. The CEO put down Pixy drone and Zenly. Zenly is a social app that the CEO has acquired. Employees have continuously pointed out that the company is slowly leaning towards Amazon. Some people have also named this whole process as amazonification. The main reason behind this was that the company’s chief engineering officer is also a cloud executive for Amazon. Jerry Hunter, the chief engineering officer of Amazon is now serving as the chief operating officer at snapchat. This is the main sign that the company is slowly leaning towards Amazon. Earlier, the company also talked about the slow hiring process in snapchat but said that they would definitely increase the headcount by 10%. 


Reorganization of Snapchat


With this claim given by the company many employees relied on it but the mass firing by the company came as a shock to all the people. The company fired almost 1500 employees. The employees were aware about the fact that the company is about to go under some changes but were not aware of the fact that the changes were a big threat to their own jobs. The managers also said that the company, snapchat, is slowly becoming obsessed with Amazon. Snap has now chosen a very tough working style that is generally followed by Amazon with this massive reorganization process.



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