Apple’s new privacy rules are expected to spark disagreements among several social media giants. Among them is Snapchat who is at risk of angering mobile tech giant Apple. inc due to plans involving methods to ignore the iPhone maker’s new privacy rules that are expected to be released in a few weeks.

Snapchat explored ways to gather data from companies to analyze people’s responses to several ad campaigns, which cited internal company documents. Snapchat reportedly wanted to cross-reference the data from the companies with its own user database and then use this information to track the users, in a technique known as “probabilistic matching.”

Snapchat acknowledged the fact that it had run a probabilistic matching program for many months to test the impact of Apple’s newly updated policies. The company also added that it had intended to discontinue the program after Apple introduced the rules, as per the report.

Apple’s upcoming privacy changes would provide iPhone users with more privacy from mobile advertising. This factor is highly upsetting for app developers, many of which are small businesses, who have a steady stream of revenue from advertising. According to a statement from Apple, the new feature will require apps to obtain permission from users before tracking them.

Facebook inc., which is the second-largest recipient of advertisement-based revenues after Alphabet inc., had severely criticized Apple’s update on privacy rule changes for months, saying that the changes could make a major impact on targeted advertising on its platform. However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is reported to have commented last month that the rule changes could prove to be beneficial for his company if more businesses decide to sell goods directly through Facebook and Instagram.

Snapchat is not the only company that is reported to be affected by Apple’s new privacy rules. Several of these companies were noted to have continued to track users without their permission. It was reported last month that Apple warned several Chinese tech companies and app developers to not involve themselves in Apple’s plans to implement its new rules. These new privacy rules might have a huge impact on the marketing industry and other tech giants.