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Snapchat trends on Twitter after delayed Valentine’s Message

The Delayed Valentine’s Message- It wasn’t love but sadness in the air this Valentine. Who to blame? Snapchat!

Individuals the nation over were disheartened when their yearly Team Snapchat Valentine’s Day message hadn’t shown up yet today. Be that as it may, this evening, Snapchat, at last, conveyed the message after numerous miserable tweets were shared. The yearly message has become somewhat of an image, with individuals kidding about how here and there it’s the solitary Valentine’s message they get. Yet, when it was deferred, the nonappearance was missed. Snapchat at long last came through however and conveyed its yearly welcome. Here are probably the best images about Team Snapchat’s Valentine’s welcome.

For those who did get the message, it was yet another subject for memes. After all, The Delayed Valentine’s Message had some weight.





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