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Social media is all set for the Facebook “renaming” ceremony!

Social media is rippling with energy and enthusiasm as they are channeling all their imagination to decide on a new name for Facebook. It seems like Twitterati is more concerned about coming up with a name than Zuckerberg and the company itself. Ever since the reports of Facebook planning to rebrand itself with a brand new name began doing their rounds on the internet, netizens have been quite dedicated to coming up with new names. And names, we have in plenty. Although it started on a rather sombre and sensible note, it soon took up hilarious and rather strange shades as netizens let their imaginations run wild. Zuckerverse, Fakebook, Timesuck, and those are only the beginning of the long and hilarious chain!

Facebook renaming

New Name, New Game?

In general, it hasn’t been favorable weather for Facebook with controversies lining up one after the other. Twitter has already witnessed the “Boycott Facebook” trend multiple times and the hate has been surging ever since the former employee Frances Haugen’s report opened a can of worms. Lack of accountability and social responsibility adds to the weight of this already sinking ship. And netizens are of the opinion that the rebranding is perhaps an attempt at redemption. Because nobody will disagree with the fact that Facebook is not just in need of a new name but a new game as well. Because users aren’t exactly pleased by the rules of the old game. And before the “delete Facebook” trend actually manifests in reality, the company has to think about a new line of action. And the renaming might just be a start. Or perhaps, the notion behind the rebranding is quite straightforward; to come up with an umbrella term that will reflect the company’s desire to focus on the metaverse.

However, the majority of the netizens are quite skeptical about rebranding and are of the opinion that a new name is not enough to erase the indelible stains of controversy. Twitter has been crowded with speculations and guesses as Twitterati is going all out with possible names, some of them quite hilarious and scandalous. “Meta” was among the more harmless of the names suggested. Because the rest are an equal blend of sarcasm and passive-aggressive criticism. There were also suggestions that seemed like a random clubbing together of existing names like Bookface, Facegram(is it just me who can hear Instagram’s cry of disbelief?), and World Changer(this is either the Zenith of sarcasm or the zenith of ignorance.) The name change also gave way to parallels. Comparisons were drawn between the Musician Kanye West who recently changed his name to “Ye.”

With time, humor and sarcasm began to seep into the suggestions. Most of the youngsters are of the opinion that the new name must be “Teenage Wasteland” since Facebook has grown less intriguing for youngsters over time. “Boomerville” and “The Old People’s App” are among the other suggestions that imply the bitter truth about the app. Do you have any suggestions at hand? Comment below!



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