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Social Media Trends People Are Tired Of.

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Social media is the one space that experiences the turbulence of rapid changes the most. It is in the blink of an eye that old trends go out of date and new ones take their place. And sometimes people get too obsessed with one particular trend that soon it becomes irksome for the rest who soon find them tiresome and exhausting. As the famous quote goes, “Change is the only constant.” However, constantly racing with the changes can have an adverse effect. After all, when all is said and done, balance is crucial. Perhaps that is the reason people soon grow tired of certain social media trends when it is overdone. Here are some social media trends that have successfully managed to get on the nerves of a majority of the users that they cannot wait for the wave of change to pass.

1.Adding More Ads

Advertisements are an inevitable part that fuels business and pushes forth brands. And as of recent, social media has grown to be a major medium for advertisements particularly because of the immense popularity of the platforms. In fact, social media marketing is one of the crucial points of brand building. However, the users do not always share the same enthusiasm as companies. Because one ad at a time is tolerable. But one ad after the other will definitely get on the nerves and even have adverse effects. Thus it is not a matter of surprise that the trend is less preferred by users.

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2.The Omnipresence Of Social Media

Recording life is a fun way to keep the memories alive. Particularly during a time when technology has made it possible to freeze moments with just a click. However, putting every moment of your life out there on social media from the time you wake up till you go to bed borders on obsessive tendencies. And not everyone appreciates the details and subtleties of human life especially when it is someone else’s life. Nowadays even the food ordered first blesses the eyes of social media platforms before it touches your taste buds.

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3.The Third Eye Of Devices

It is no fun to be followed around every second of the day. Stalking essentially is something that people will generally disagree upon. And yet we forget very conveniently that our phones keep out an eye and ear out for us every second of the day. There is a reason why you think about buying something and the next second an ad pops up on Instagram or YouTube. It is not good old telepathy after all. It is called technology and often quite disorienting. The voices raised against such marketing techniques these days are a good proof of the fact that people are growing tired of it. Connections are good, but every device connected to every other is a bit discomforting.

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4. The Era Of Hashtags

Like different time periods have names, our generation can be called the era of hashtags. Everywhere you look there will be hashtags. Turn this corner or that on social media, hashtags never miss the mark. It is no wonder that people tend to get annoyed with them. And ironically even the most annoying trends will have the prefix of a hashtag.

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5. The Blurred Lines Between Fact And Opinion

One major boon and bane of having platforms to openly express our views is that you get heard. However, these days the filter process of the people on the receiving end has gotten quite complicated with minimal tolerance levels. Perhaps that is one reason why a single opinion can brew a major storm while actual facts can be easily ignored. Blurred lines are never a good sign. And it is important to retain an eye that can segregate both with logic. However, the sharpness of that eye is going down day by day and it is an issue that has to be addressed. Jokes apart, we live in a highly opinionated and sensitive society where the smallest move can cause destructive turbulence. Thus it becomes all the more important to clean our logic glasses to perfection.

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6.Gone Are The Days Of Dalgona Coffee

Coffee is the best way to relax after a busy and tiring day. Can that coffee get tiring all of a sudden? Thanks to the Instagram trend of making dalgona coffee, even those who have not tasted it are tired of the same. When you overdo things, it loses taste. On another note, the same goes for coffee. You must not overdo it.

7. Gender Reveals

Gender reveal sounds like something that is really sweet. The element of surprise and cuteness are in place, and yet as per the Reddit polls, gender reveals are among the most hated social media trends. Perhaps not everybody is as fond of the blue and pink balloons as you are. And as we know, too much sweetness can be dizzying.  And let’s not forget the gender reveal party that was blamed for the California fire.

Ultimately, what we have to keep in mind is what the philosophers and thinkers have stressed from time immemorial. Balance is everything, and once that is disturbed everything goes berserk. Social media has become a huge part of our daily lives, however, pitching our lives on social media and social media trends can have adverse effects. After all, “man is a social animal.” Adding “media” to that can have rather turbulent consequences.




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