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Trump Joins Video Platform Rumble Ahead Of Ohio Rally

Trump Joins Video Platform Rumble

On Saturday, former U.S. President Donald Trump joined the video platform Rumble – the same day he took the stage for a campaign rally in Ohio, his first such event since Jan. Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski confirmed that his verified account was created on the platform, but declined to comment further. Trump adviser Dan Scavino tweeted that the Ohio rally would be televised live on Rumble. The new social media platform is no substitute for Trump’s plans to create his own social media channels.

It was his first such opportunity since the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Former United States President Donald Trump points to a person who throws a hat into the crowd when he arrives on June 26th, 2021 for his campaign rally in Wellington, Ohio. On Saturday, the day he had the stage for a “campaign-style” rally in Ohio, the first such event since an attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, the former US President Trump joined the video platform Rumble.

 RumbleHours before a rally for former President Donald Trump in Ohio on Saturday night, the president joined a new social media platform. Trump joined Snapchat on Saturday afternoon as he rallied his followers on the social media site. Trump is banned from Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and YouTube.

Rumble, a video streaming platform, is a YouTube-style site that is becoming increasingly popular among some US conservatives. The company was founded in 2013 by Rumble boss Chris Pavlovski as an alternative to YouTube-style websites. The Trump spokesperson Liz Harrington told Reuters that Trump’s joining Rumble is a replacement for youtube, which has become the conservative website for conservatives in the US, in addition to the former president’s plans to launch his own platform. Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington told Reuters that President Donald Trump is joining the video streaming platform Rumble, as is former President George H.W. Bush Bush’s planned start-up is a replacement for Trump, who has not yet launched his own website.

Trump Joins Video Platform Rumble

Trump adviser Dan Scavino tweeted that Trump’s campaign event in Ohio would be broadcast live on his personal platform. Trump’s spokeswoman Liz Harrington told Reuters that Rumble membership was a “compliment” to the former president’s plan to launch his own campaign instead of replacing it. Trump adviser Dan Scavino tweets that his Ohio rally will be televised live on his personal platform Rumble.



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