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Solana Airdrop trends on Twitter

Crypto never fails to pique the interest of the denizens of the Twitter town. Despite the burgeoning uncertainties and the never-ending tunnel, whenever the Twitter spotlight falls on crypto, the excitement spikes. At the moment, the Twitter spotlight is shining bright on Solana Airdrop and crypto enthusiasts are optimistic as usual. There is nothing that can bring crypto enthusiasts to the edge of their seats like a giveaway. However, there is a catch. While a good majority of the users are quite excited about the Solana Airdrop, some cannot help but think if the entire event is a scam. You cannot blame them. After all, the crypto domain does have a propensity for fraud and scams. Read along to know more.


Reactions On Twitter

According to the staunch supporters, Solana is apparently the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto in addition to being the fastest blockchain in the world. Grand titles are not a new aspect when it comes to crypto. Solana boasts over 400 projects which include DeFi, NFTs, and many more. Although it is referred to as ‘unstoppable’ only time can tell if it will put a stop to a multitude of hopes and expectations. For now, let us flip through the long line of reactions and responses on Twitter.



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