AI changes shopping customer journey mapping


Artificial Intelligence has truly changed the way we perceive the world. It has made a huge difference in our lives starting from how we watch regular television to how we move around. But even with all these things happening around us, one particular zone that AI has influenced the most is the way we shop. Do you know that there are shops across the globe where all you have to do is get inside the store, buy things and get out, without having to stand in the long boring queues! This is just the beginning. Keep reading to find out what are the 5 ways in which AI will change the way you shop.

1.The all-knowing wardrobe

AI changes shopping smart wardrobe

Ever went into a trial room and wondered if the right kinds of clothes just piled up in there? If yes, then your fantasy is about to come true! With the help of AI, the trial rooms are getting smart. These updated trial rooms can be your very own fashion guide who tells you what suits you the best. This will save you not just the headache of choosing the right dress, but also a whole bunch of precious time!

2.Customization at its best

AI changes shopping customized ads

It has become common for you to see the advertisements of products that you wish to buy everywhere you go virtually. The Artificial Intelligence has customized a certain sets of product lines for every user, which makes them more and more susceptible to buying the product. We often tend to leave a page wherein we find advertisements of products that we are least interested in. This bounce will considerably decrease due to the interference of AI.

3.Smart Shops

AI will change the way you shopsmart shops

Now about the story I started earlier. Amazon has launched Amazon Go a long time ago. This could be considered as one of the most insightful and productive application of AI in retail. There are no check-out counters, no big lines and no registers! All you have to do is scan the Amazon Go app at the entrance of the store and start to shop. This can be a lifesaver if extrapolated to other stores across the globe. It not only saves a whole bunch of time, but also save people from any possible mishaps that may occur in a traditional store. This makes the good old shopping days so much more fun!

4.Chatbots at you service

AI will change the way you shop chatbots

Nowadays there are numerous chat bots that are employed to deal with customer complaints, queries and confusions. These chatbots give answers accurately and efficiently, which makes the customers feel valued and heard. From personalized skin care recommendations to solving complex customer complaints, the chatbots have proven that there is nothing they can’t handle. Softbank in Japan has developed a humanoid being which is specifically designed to greet the customers and deal with the customer satisfaction. This has been adopted by more companies as a way to increase their sales. This is one of the many ways where AI will change the way you shop!

5.Customer Journey Mapping

AI will change the way you shop customer journey mapping

When it comes to retail industry or any other industry for that matter customer is the most important fact.  The factor to be given utmost care is that of customer satisfaction. There are various AI tools that are deployed by the stores to record and track the level of satisfaction a customer has  when it comes to the retail experience. Every store makes it their priority to give their customers the best. This is the only way to retain them. Customer journey mapping comes handy in situations such as these.

No matter how many online show rooms pop up in the future, the traditional shopping will never lose its flair. But in order to keep up with the ever evolving e-commerce sector they will have to up their game. AI stands side by side with the retailers to bring out the best of both worlds!