Sony cuts its PS5 production again due to chip shortage
Sony cuts its PS5 production again due to chip shortage Image Credits: Nibel (Twitter)

Sony could be working on a PlayStation mobile controller

Sony cuts its PS5 production again due to chip shortage

According to a newly filed patent by Sony Interactive Japan, a PlayStation mobile controller could be on the way. VGC was the first to see the diagrams, which show two-controller grips with a phone in the middle.
The controllers themselves appear to be older DualShock 4 models rather than the newer DualSense models. “A left-side grip piece and a right-side grip section grabbed by the user’s left and right hands,” according to the description. The conventional thumbsticks, D-Pad, action buttons, and triggers (shoulder buttons) are all located on the top.
The device appears to be largely inspired by Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers, and it even allows you to connect to a larger screen, according to the designs. However, because the mobile controllers seek Bluetooth signals to connect, this capability may only be available to PlayStation console owners. Only time will tell whether this will enable cloud gaming or remote play on your phone. Although they are based on the obsolete DualShock 4 design, these new mobile sticks may also allow gamers to utilize tilt controls. “A shaft portion that can be tilted by the user, and detect the tilting direction and tilting amount of the shaft portion,” says one section of the patent.
In October, Sony announced the appointment of Nicola Sebastiani, a former Apple Arcade executive, as the head of PlayStation’s mobile gaming division. According to CEO Jim Ryan, the new plans aim to bring renowned first-party titles to mobile devices in the future. “We’ve been thinking about how players interact with our material, and we’ve had some early success experimenting with mobile games and applications to give gamers more options. In a previous interview, Jim stated, “Mobile is just one of the places we are exploring to reach millions of gamers beyond our platforms.”
Sony has announced the comeback of a timeless classic, ‘Wipeout Rush,’ a card-based racing game for mobile devices.