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Sony Group Gives $1 Million to help with Covid Crisis in India


Sony Global Relief Funds for COVID-19

The condition of Covid in India is just been seen increasing ever since the second wave hit. Despite of the vaccine introduced, the cases rise every day. A lot of tech giants and social media companies including Facebook and WhatsApp has gave a helping hand.

Apart from these, many other multibillion companies; both Indian and international like Amazon, the Tata Group, Mahindra and Mahindra too have contributed a great deal in helping India fight against Covid.

To this list of donors and funders, added was another name- the Sony Group.

Japan based Multinational Corporation- Sony Corp. announced a $1 million donation via the Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19 to the UNICEF and other various organizations for attaining oxygen and PCR testing machines  to upkeep and help with the covid-19 crisis in India.

The recent spike in infections is leading to unavailability and shortage of medical supplies and overwhelming the country’s healthcare system.

Sony Group made this announcement public by releasing a statement and tweeting about in on Twitter. The tweet said- “The Sony Group today announced a 1 million US dollar donation through the “Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19″ to support the COVID-19 crisis in India. We request you to stay indoors and stay safe. Read more: https://bit.ly/3t7gBTW”

Along with the tweet, Sony also posted a photo with a text in it which read, “The Sony Group announced a 1 million US dollar donation through the ‘Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19’ to support the COVID-19 crisis in India. These funds will be used to procure oxygen for medical purposes and PCR testing machines, and to support local relief activists. We would like to urge you to do your bit and ensure safety by following the guidelines. Please stay home, wear a mask and maintain social distancing in public. #SonyCares”

This donation was made under the Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19. This relief fund was established and raised last year in the month of April, 2020, when the crisis of Covid-19 hit the world for the first time.

“In April 2020, the Sony Group had established the Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19 and has since been engaged in various relief efforts, mainly in the areas of medical, education and the creative community. The Sony Group will continue to work with its partners and stakeholders to provide further support for those around the world affected by covid-19,” said Sony in a statement.



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