Sony’s Playstations May 3D Print A Character Directly From A Gameplay !


3D printing is truly one of the most interesting gifts of technology to us human. There is a whole new market of 3D printing having enormous opportunities for the future. You can print almost anything, from small gears and joints to an entire castle, from core aircraft parts to living human tissues, the possibilities are endless

The fandom of 3D printing reached a whole new level when people started printing jewelry, decorative items, integral parts for their projects, and what not.  Another cool thing that people are printing is characters – game, movie – and even their own miniature models. The craze has just started!

People love to print artifacts from games, be it the dresses for cosplay or just small collectibles. The problem? Not everyone is good at modeling and designing. For people like you and me, we still have to spend hours and hours on designing our models and then waiting for them to get printed. Even though, designing models for 3D printing is relatively easy nowadays using user-friendly softwares but, that is not everyone’s cup of tea.

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Printing game characters is a headache, you have to spend several hours to design the model, if not design, you still have to search for pre-designed models online which sometimes are free but, most of the times, make you spend money. This all comes with another possibility of not finding the character you want to print at all.

So to make our lives easier, Sony has filed a patent application that allows you to 3D print your favorite game characters directly from a gameplay on your PlayStation. No modeling, no searching, just select, customize, and print!

There will be an application that runs in the background reads the patent application. It on prompt will start recording the rendered game environment for 3D printing. This includes the characters, artifacts and other ornamental items such as trees, stones, etc. You, then, will be able to select a portion of the recorded environment (a specific character, or a specific artifact) for printing.

This seems awesome for people that are not so good at 3D modeling and designing.

Honestly, I love the idea but I think PlayStation is not a good choice for rendering and printing as it may get overheated and may also take enormous time for complex and large designs.

Also, Sony hasn’t specifically mentioned the use of PlayStation. Thus there are possibilities of Sony launching standalone software that works with multiple platforms.

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