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Sony Renews Playstation Home Trademark Again

Sony Renews Playstation Home Trademark Again

Back in April this year, it was reported that Sony had renewed the brand, according to Pushsquare. Discovered this week by Resetera, Sony renewed the PlayStation Home brand on April 23, which will last until 2028. It’s a new trademark with the label “PlayStation Home VR,” so we’re confident it’s a sign that PlayStation Home VR is coming.

Sony has renewed the brand, which is active until October 2028 as Reddit user Thorite reported on July 21, 2021. The situation is more than just a brand renewal. With the brand, which is valid until 2028, Sony can do what it wants with the name and features.

Sony has not made an official announcement about the brand renewal, which was spotted by fans but not released by the company itself. As UploadVR reports and based on the insights of Resetera users, the brand is a sign that the company is renewing it as a form of protection, and the possibility of a PS5 version of PlayStation Home is an attractive prospect, especially considering the possible compatibility with the upcoming PSVR 2 headset. As for the PlayStation Home itself, it will return to the screen with the PS5, and Sony renewed the brand just days after a series of reports suggested its possible use in the near future.

Sony Renews Playstation Home Trademark AgainSony has renewed the trademark for its PS3-era PlayStation 3 home. The first brand update was three months ago, and the developers of PlayStation Home, London’s Soho Studios, are still involved. This will renew and secure the brand for the social space of the PS3 era, PlayStation Home, until 1 October 2028. There is little on the Trademark utility’s website as it is a log of items that the company categorizes as PC, sports, and software programs.

The service has not been available for many years, but it seems that Sony is not finished with PlayStation Home, his online social space for PS3 owners, which was a service from 2008 to 2015. The service was shut down in March 2015, six years ago, but there is no reason to believe that Sony will use it again. But PlayStation Home is back, and the company has renewed its trademark for the social space, which does not suggest that it will return, at least in name, any time soon.

If PS Home sounds cool to you, the PS3 Social Experience that allowed players to meet and talk from the safety of their avatars, then probably you want it back even though it was closed six years ago. It’s been more than six years since PlayStation Home was closed down and its access to web-based PS3 expertise was a place where you could meet different real players, take part in all kinds of action, and just hang out. But you don’t have to let that dampen your hopes for a return of the PlayStation service.

PlayStation Home was Sony’s long-standing but never-loved attempt to create a social hub for PlayStation 3, one that was part of Xbox One, part of Second Life, and was put out to pasture. After Linden Tyson launched PlayStation Home, he started a petition against Sony for the removal of PlayStation Home and many players were saddened and frustrated by the loss.

Sony Renews Playstation Home Trademark Again
There has been no official confirmation that Sony is considering a reboot of Home, or at least a home version, but a third rumor surfaced earlier this month. Eagle-eyed fans have spotted clues as to what Sony is planning. Bear in mind that this is just speculation, and that is not what Sony intends to do.

Sony seems to want to go back to the old days by renewing an old brand. The information comes from a particular Redditor on the GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit who says that the PSVR brand is an indication that Sony wants to return to PSVR 2. Beyond this rumor, there is not much information about it, except that it is categorized under the umbrella of computer games, software, goods, and services.



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