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Sony’s latest wireless neckband speakers make work-from-home a lot more comfortable
Sony SRS NB-10 features a full-range speaker, bass boost via a passive radiator. lasts for 20 hours on single charge, and is IPX4 rated.

Sony’s SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Speaker, the Ultimate Work-From-Home Companion

Sony has unveiled their latest wireless neckband speaker which offers 20 hours of battery life, dubbed Sony SRS-NB10. Although neckband speakers are not a new invention in terms of design what Sony’s focussed approach on NB-10, can change the product category forever and make it mainstream.

Covid-19 forced us to make many changes in our routine life. Thankfully things are about to come back to normal but one thing that is sure to stay, is the prevalence of work-from-home jobs. And working from home, taking calls, and attending Zoom Meetings all day long using chunky headphones or short-lasting earbuds have proved to be a major discomfort for all of us. Sony’s solution, the SRS-NB10 wireless neckband speaker.


SRS NB-10 is designed with comfort in mind. It can be worn along the neck all day long. It features a full-range speaker, bass boost via a passive radiator. The neckband is compatible with Bluetooth 5.1 which provides a 30 m radius of service. It makes for excellent clarity in calls and a comfortable design.

It also supports multi-device connection meaning it can connect to two devices whether it be e a smartphone laptop tablet or TV at the same time. A fully charged battery lasts for around 20 hours and the neck pain and also supports fast charging via USB-C cable, giving it one hour of usage after charging for just 10 minutes.


Their design is lightweight weighing around 113 grams and is comfortable to wear. It features concentrated upward firing speakers, that means only the person wearing it would be able to hear the sound and nobody else would be annoyed in their surroundings.

The neckband band can easily survive occasional splashes of water as the entire device is IPX4 rated. There is also a physical microphone mute button present on the neckband.
This Device from Sony can make our work from home experience a lot comfortable.



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