Russian Spacecraft reaches International Space Station in less than 6 hours

11 July, 2018

Space never fails to mesmerize us and this space craft, which flew to the International Space Station on Monday broke the record for the fastest trip to the station.

The Progress 70 space craft which was loaded with fuel supplies and food took off from Soyuz-2 rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome in kazakistan at 5:51 PM. The space craft reach the station at 9:31 PM which is notably faster than any other space craft.

“The less-than-four-hour trip will demonstrate an expedited capability that maybe used on future Russian cargo and crew launches” NASA said.

Mostly other space crafts take around 2-3 days to make the journey to the station. It took less than 6 hours to complete its journey. SpaceX’s dragon capsule which was launched on June 29 apparently arrived at the station at July 2.

Russian space craft engineering has been proved to be the most advance when it comes to the time of flight. This was the third attempt by the Russian space agency Roscosmos to make the trip at this speed.

This time noted was even less than the time taken to fly from Toronto to Edmonton on a passenger plane.

This unpiloted space craft flew at about 250 miles over the Tasmancsea between Australia and New Zealand.