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India approves Net neutrality, gives access to unrestricted data

12 July,2018

The government of India approved net neutrality in India and the whole country, especially ardent net users are celebrating it enthusiastically. This decision has ensured the the net users get free and fair internet access. 

“Any deviations and violations of the rules of net neutrality – which come into effect almost immediately – will be met with stiff penalties,” Aruna Sundarajan, telecom secretary, told TOI.

Due to net neutrality, online access is now unrestricted and non-discriminatory. The intern ministerial telecom commission held a conference on Wednesday and decided to give a thumbs up to net neutrality. 

“Net neutrality will come into force through a notification by the telecom ministry, and companies will need to adhere to its principles. Changes to the licensing norms for companies will be made to factor in the new-age rules.” Sundarajan said. “Apart from government officials, this will have representatives from telecom companies, internet service providers and those engaged in internet-of-things platforms,” Sundararajan said.

“The overarching goal for us has been that internet must remain an open platform, unhindered by any entity, so that users and customers have a choice to access content of their liking… Nobody owns the internet and thus it should be available to everyone. We seek openness and integrity of the internet.” Trai chairman R S Sharma who advocated for net neutrality said. 

(Image source:- Youtube.com) 



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