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SpaceX announces the first ever only civilian space flight

SpaceX makes yet another record by announcing the first only civilian crew space flight mission. Jared Issacman will sponsor the space flight. He leads a payment processing startup and has a net estimated wealth of about $2 billion. The individual will invest millions of dollars for the trip in the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule. This trip will have only non-astronauts who will be in charge of Jared. SpaceX will carry Jared Issacman, a lucky winner from the public, Children’s Research Hospital ambassador and another winner from Jared’s e-commerce platform in this Space flight.

More about the trip

Jared himself has purchased three seats of the Spaceflight trip. And the fourth seat will be awarded to one of the customers of his e-commerce platform. Those who are competing for the 4th seat need to tweet about their journey in the Entrepreneurship world. And a panel of judges will choose a winner among them. Jared also said that the training for the trip would begin with 30 days. So, it’s obvious that the winner will be chosen before that.

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The mission is going to be called the “Inspiration4”. This name is because of the inspiration that the space trip will create in the life of the 4 crew members. Jared Issacman will be in charge of the flight and will be trained by SpaceX. The training will involve the things that professional astronauts are taught. Though this might sound difficult, since Issacman has experience of piloting aircraft, it won’t be that difficult for him. Elon Musk, when asked whether he will be on the trip, said no.

SpaceX is open to civilian crewed missions.

SpaceX is one of the few companies, and the only big one that has been open to selling space flight tickets to civilians. The company plans to use the Crew Dragon capsule for such missions. Since last year, the capsule has been active when it was used to send 4 astronauts to the ISS on behalf of NASA. And unlike before when NASA used to have the ownership of the crew flight vehicles, this time it’s in the hands of SpaceX. This allows them to sell seats to non-astronauts.

This also helps in increasing the interest of civilians in space flights bringing in a lot of money. And as space flights get cheaper, I am sure a lot more people will try to experience the same through SpaceX or some other company.

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