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SpaceX’s launch license violation triggers the FAA

SpaceX’s last starship test of the SN8 rocket ended in a crash. And this triggered the FAA as reports suggest SpaceX violated its launch license. There has been no exact report or data talking about what SpaceX exactly did to violate the FAA terms, but it might be the explosion that took place. This is also the reason that the SN9 test-flight launchFAA might scrutinize SpaceX future launches much tightly is getting delayed. From now on, SpaceX’s launch license violation is going to make it very difficult for the company to make timely launches.

SpaceX’s launch license violation!

Reports from the verge suggest that after the SN8 exploded, the FAA got involved. According to them, SpaceX didn’t stick to the terms and conditions it was supposed to regarding the launch. The FAA was also not very happy because of the simple fact that Elon was celebrating the explosion of the SN8 as a victory on Twitter. And from that week, the FAA has been keeping a close eye on the company and its launches.

SpaceX's launch license violation triggers the FAA

The FAA’s long procedures for the changes in the launch license of SpaceX have Elon Musk frustrated. He said on Twitter that, unlike the aircraft division of FAA, the space division is flawed. The rules are only for a few launches every year from government facilities and aren’t practical. Following those rules, humans won’t ever go to Mars.

An FAA spokesperson said they are working with SpaceX to acquire the necessary information and modify the company’s launch license. Adding to this, he also added though it’s important to grow fast and reach Mars, the FAA can’t compromise public safety and security. And only when SpaceX complies with all its requirements the launch will get approved. This comment was given as a reply to Elon saying that such laws will never allow humans to reach Mars.

Upcoming changes in the FAA regulatory laws

The clash between SpaceX and the FAA has been on for years. And it’s not personal; it’s just due to the old regulatory laws that are still in effect today. And even though much-streamlined launch licensing laws have been announced, they are still not active. These laws are very important to keep pace with the growing speed at which SpaceX and other similar companies are progressing. So, until they come into effect, it’s going to be difficult for SpaceX to do timely test-flights of the Starships.

In an interview, Elon Musk said to The Wall Street Journal, “A lot of the time, the best thing the government can do is just get out of the way.” It does make sense that if the government can’t support innovation, they should just move out the way. What are your thoughts on SpaceX’s launch license violation? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like it and share it with your friends.

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