Square and Gemini rolls out grant for popular BTC blockchain developer

Grants for crypto developers are very important as they don’t have any other primary source of earning in general. And big crypto enthusiast companies often donate money to individual developers or groups working on blockchain projects. And very recently, Square and Gemini have donated $100k and $25k respectively to two Bitcoin block explorers. Their real identity is unknown as they are present on Twitter under a false name.

The Grants from Square and Gemini

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The names of the individuals on Twitter are Wiz and Softsimon. The individuals will receive a total of $125k in Bitcoin as a one-year grant and continue their work on the website.  Such donations make it easier for individuals to work on such projects and make the BTC blockchain more usable. Previously, such donations were rare, as there were only a handful of companies in the industry. But now, more and more ones are trying to join in and trying to give back to Bitcoin.

Most of these projects depend completely on funds from companies and even could shut down without it. One of the blockchain explorers said that it was a long dream of his to work on Bitcoin with such donations from the community. It will help them take a full salary and also focus on the project completely even before this Square has funded other projects and has helped Bitcoin developers to continue their work.

What is a block explorer?

A block explorer helps users get the transaction IDs, wallet addresses, and other data. It is a great tool to help bitcoin users get an estimated fess idea while doing transactions. It could also help formulate the open-source system of Bitcoin into wallet software for better use and implementation.

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